When A Boy & A Girl Remix Krewella’s “TH2C” (Free Download)

“I’m too high to care,” the voice proclaims. Its conviction carries through filtered vocals, passes punchy percussion and settles deep in your belly.

I remember how heavy A Boy & A Girl’s latest song hit me the first time I listened to it. Though they remixed Krewella’s “TH2C,” this duo deviates from the original in unexpected ways. Gone are the southeast-asian strings and melodic musings which contribute to Krewella’s laid-back summer tune. In its place stand rhythmic synths and crisp hi-hats that culminate into hard drops. The result? A distortion of the leading lyric from a silly remark into an ominous declaration. That purpose makes all the difference for me.

A Boy & A Girl write on their Soundcloud page that they “felt inspired by Yasmine and Jahan’s beautiful melodies and flipped them upside down into a brooding trap jungle.” A transformation in tone indubitably occurs. However, I’d argue that the remix mutates Krewella’s utopia into an epic dystopia. And in this realm, A Boy & A Girl come out on top as A King & A Queen.

But I’ll let you come to your own conclusions. Check out their song below and make sure to share the love!

<iframe width=”100%” height=”300″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/344131725&amp;color=%23ff5500&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false&amp;visual=true”></iframe>

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Come See EDM Talent JACKAL Perform His New Dreamy EP At Sonia 9/9

JACKAL is one of the fastest growing producer in the EDM scene right now. Since he emerged in the scene February 2013, JACKAL has released over a dozen hugely successful remixes and recently his latest EP “Endorphins”. This EP is beautifully mastered and each song is it’s own daydream with ethereal synths and dreamy vocals. The first song of the EP “With You” massages your eardrums as you listen, featuring soft melodies and instrumentals that come together in a magical way.

Check it out below:

This is an epic EP that you are going to want to see live.

Buy tickets for his Sonia show on 9/9 below, you definitely won’t regret it!

Also make sure to listen to the rest of his awesome EP:




Turn Up With Slander And Dombresky On Their Superhuman Tour 9/8 at Royale

Slander is an American DJ duo consisting of Derek Anderson and Scott Land based in Los Angeles. They are best known for their unique sound and subgenre “heaven trap”. If you haven’t heard of this genre, check out the dreamy synths in their latest release “Superhuman” ft. Eric Leva.

Anderson and Land met at their fraternity at UC Irvine in California and became friends through their love of producing music. They later went to and graduated from Icon Collective, a music production school together with NGHTMRE. The name Slander was combined from both their names names: “S(cott) Land” and “Ander(son)”. Now they are blowing up fast in the EDM scene and have already performed at EDC (Las Vegas, Orlando and Mexico), Nocturnal Wonderland, Electric Zoo and Sun City Music Festival.

Check out their lit EDC set from this year:

Slander is also a part of the Gud Vibrations radio show with NGHTMRE (which you should follow on soundcloud). The radio show had a hugely successful tour this fall and we’re sure they will be touring again soon.

You don’t want to miss them when they come to Royale 9/8 for their Superhuman Tour. They will most definitely have the crowd going wild.

Buy your tickets below before they sell out!


Baauer Resurrects Trap With His BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix Debut


Baauer made his BBC Radio 1 essential mix debut last week with a massive two hour set amidst cries from every corner of the music writing world that trap is dead. A shining example of what the genre used to be, and could still be, his essential mix is one of the most interesting and diverse 2 hours of trap you can find today. Similar to Bassnectars’ immersive music mixtapes, (another one of my favorites) his eclectic style shines and his samples range from Kanye to Purity ring to Kaskade. Never boring, and continuously surprising, this is one of the best essential mixes I’ve heard yet. With this release Baauer proves that trap music is alive and kicking and has solidified his place among the top DJs in the world. Sold.

Sober Rob Is The Future Bass You’ve Been Looking For


If you’re in it for the drugs and not the music don’t listen to Sober Rob. If you enjoy a fusion of future bass and wonderful arrangement, listen to Sober Rob. Recently popular on Soundcloud, Sober Rob is part of a wave of new Boston producers. As Boston becomes more relevant in the U.S. music scene, it takes excellent production and mixing to stand out. Sober Rob’s music will intoxicate its listeners, which is ironic. Don’t miss out on Sober Rob’s most recent mix, promoting his headlining concert at ‘Sound Waves’, an electronic cruise featuring fresh future bass and trap artists on two different decks. Also be sure to check out Palmingo’s promo mix for Sound Waves, safari approved. Stay tuned for photos and coverage from Malaysian Safari as well. Sound Waves is April 1st – presale tickets are $15.

Grab your tickets to Sound Waves here.

Listen to the mix on soundcloud:

Sober Rob – Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Palmingo: Facebook | Soundcloud


Doppelgang Presents 1: Grab Nine Fresh Tracks For Free


Have you heard of the Doppelgang? If not, catch the newest tunes from this Boston-based music collective. Founded on hip hop and cutting-edge production, Doppelgang Music brings you a variety of producers and rappers with a style that will feed your future pallet. Doppelgang Presents 1 features tracks from Eli Baker, feewet, Bryan Martinez, Palmingo, and more. One of the shining tracks is the R.I.C.O. Freestyle by Bryan Martinez, who is dropping his debit mixtape Makavellian Friday March 25th. Visit http://doppelgangmusic.com for updates on the latest from Doppelgang and download Doppelgang Presents 1 here.

Listen to Doppelgang Presents on Soundcloud:

Doppelgang: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Daruma Drops Their Fourth Volume Of Flames


If you’ve never heard of Daruma before, we’re giving you this chance to join the hype ship before it’s roster sails it’s way to the top of festival lineups. The trap-inspired collective, started six months ago by Andrew Luce, Instant Party, Hati and more, has featured some of the biggest up and coming talent on Soundcloud right now. Exclusive releases for artists such as Dabow, Quix, Alexander Lewis, Duskus, Graves, JNTHN STEIN, Subtomik, Electric Mantis and many more populate the juicy volumes that have been steadily spreading their mark all over Soundcloud.

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Have You Heard Yellow Claw’s Epic New EP?


Yellow Claw released a dope new EP today, showcasing their new style that is noticeably more pop influenced than their previous work. Before you get turned off, you should know that it’s GOOD pop (never thought I would ever say that) but it’s true. Pusha T, Tyga, Naaz and Ty Dolla $ign are just a few of the guest artists on this EP. They use vocals to their advantage, making each song more memorable with a catchy melody to accompany their signature Yellow Claw beat. I really respect these artists for incorporating new styles into their music and making it work (while maintaining the head-banging quality fans love).

Check out the EP below on Soundcloud!


Josh Pan & Medasin Return With Yet Another Heater


After releasing nearly one track a day for an inhuman amount of time and then dipping into radio silence, Josh Pan is starting to put his name back on the map. His most recent collaboration with Medasin and Xian & Gaszia featuring his own notorious vocals is sure to heat up trap sets for the coming months. Look out for a whirlwind of more Josh Pan releases, and if you haven’t already dig into Medasin’s juicy Soundcloud full of synthwave bangers.

Josh Pan | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Medasin | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Gaszia | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Xian | Soundcloud

Mr. Carmack Drops his Official Discography on Bandcamp for Free


That’s right. All of it. The humble Hawaiian legend, Aaron Carmack, has temporarily released his entire (official) discography on Bandcamp for ‘name your own price’. While many of Carmack’s prehistoric experimental tracks can only be heard on this Secret Gems Soundcloud account, you can scoop all 12 of his game-changing EP’s at full 320 kbps in handful of mouse clicks. And if that’s still not enough ‘mack for you, look forward to the release of his Red EP this month which includes the monstrous track, ‘Solutions with Donnis‘.

Mr. Carmack is undoubtably the most influential trap artist out there, constantly pushing the envelope for both turn up and turn down music. Swooning over 200,000 followers in under two years, along with the endless support from big names in the industry such as What So Not, Diplo, and more, this dude has undeniably earned his spot at the big boys table.

| Download His Discography Here |

Mr. Carmack | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter