Don’t Miss Bingo Players Debut Latest Album “Beat the Drum” at Royale 9/15!

Best known for their top electro house hits “Cry (Just a Little)” and “Rattle“, Bingo Players’ music is well known across the EDM scene. The Bingo Players was founded by Dutch DJs, Maarten Hoogstraten and Paul Bäumer back in 2006 when they at first largely produced tech house music. They later changed their stye in 2011 to produce more dance  inspired house tracks like the internationally recognized club hit  “Cry (Just a Little)” that borrows lyrics from Brenda Russell‘s “Piano In The Dark“. In 2013, they experienced a new surge of fame as they released a revamped version of Rattle; “Get Up (Rattle)” featuring the Far East Movement. The song instantly blew up and charted in the Top Ten around the world in Germany, Austria, France, and Australia, and even made #1 on UK charts.

Hear the energetic house classic along with it’s quirky music video for yourself below :

Bingo Players also created a record label called Hysteria, which features awesome weekly club music mixes (we highly recommend subscribing to the podcast or following on soundcloud to hear the hottest new electro house tracks). Unfortunately, Paul tragically passed away in December of 2013 due to a battle with cancer. Maarten pledged to continue Bingo Players and Paul’s legacy, and their name certainly lives on. His latest album “Beat the Drum” was released earlier this month and you’re going to want to hear it live at the upcoming show on September 15th at Royale.

Buy your tickets before they sell out below:

Berlin to Denver: Mind Against

Photo Courtesy of Mind Against on Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Mind Against on Facebook

The musical duo Mind Against hailing from Berlin performed for Proper Sundays at Beta Nightclub in Denver. Their strong house and techno roots make for great dance floor anthems, and inclusion of psychedelics hooks makes them a chameleon in the techno community. Their three EP’s on Life and Death can attest to their contagious sound that is difficult to define, and that versatility was visible all night on the floor. Those 80’s soundtrack hooks often emulate Green Velvet before plunging into layered mixes suggesting neon lights, leather jackets, and street racing.

Mind Against will be continuing to Montreal and New York before venturing to warmer weather in Sao Paolo and Rio. Don’t miss a chance to see this dance-able duo live.

Gorgon City Brings Us Another Huge Mix via Rinse FM Ahead of 2016 US Spring Tour


As continuing proof that British radio is just plain better, London production duo Gorgon City step into Rinse FM on the first Monday of every month and throw down from 11pm-1am. Each mix is unique and varied, and this one was particularly heavy in techno and tech-house. Filled with hidden gems and a new release or two, this round brought us their remix of a Damian Lazarus track that shifted the tempo from techno to jungle house as they build a massive vibe that takes us straight into a futuristic jungle rave where tribesmen dance around raging bonfires with hand drums as laser cannons blast beams of light through the canopy into the starry night. This mix has me hyped for their upcoming spring 2016 US tour with Rudimental and hungry for what the first Monday of next month will bring us.

Check out the tour dates and more Gorgon City here:

DONUTS & DRIPMOB: A Day with Charlie Davis

Welcome to the second installment of Talk Tuesdays, where I post a conversation with an artist or someone affiliated with the electronic music industry for your viewing pleasure. 


A crisp breeze drifts through the bustling streets of Berkeley, California. Its path, meandering along the boulevards lined with souvenir stores and sushi restaurants, makes its way to us through the door of the donut shop. “It’s kinda cold, do you wanna dip?” asks the deep voice across from me.

“In a bit,” I respond. I had just been enjoying an afternoon snack with Charlie Davis. Known to many as one half of Dripmob, a duo of local, up-and-coming music producers represented by Way Less Effort, his identity as a college student is clear to me. He certainly looks the part: he leans back, revealing the extent of his shiny, emerald green zip-up, tan chinos, and a black baseball cap. In between bites of his freshly glazed pastry, he shares his experience at the University of California.

“I’ve been here all my life,” the now 21-year-old senior reflects. It’s true- he grew up in the East Bay, attended Berkeley High School with his Dripmob partner Manolis Suega, and transferred to Cal for college. He’s eaten at the best pizza places – Cheeseboard, if you’re curious- and walked all along Shattuck Ave. He goes on, explaining that although the campus is mixed with eclecticism that creates a diverse, booming community, he has visions in mind that go beyond the borders of this historically hippie town. He explains, “I want to check out LA.” Understandably so- the music scene down in Southern California is booming.

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Is Diplo’s “Techno” Video Anti-Drug?


In lieu of recent deaths at one of the Mad Decent Block Party locations and a ton of media attention for the producer, Diplo, Yellow Claw, and LNY TNZ released a possibly controversial video to their song “Techno”. The video depicts two storylines: one of some sort of drug being manufactured, sold to dealers, and eventually brought into a club – the second storyline depicts an innocent-looking girl move into an apartment with her father, go to a club with some friends, and buy the drugs shown in the first storyline. The video ends with said girl becoming sick and being rushed to the hospital by EMTs. Her father visits her and strokes her head as she lays on a hospital bed.

I’m not sure if the video’s goal is to gain attention, or if it doesn’t matter at all, but it’s interesting that they would choose to include this content in their video. The contrast between Waka Flocka Flame’s lyrics and the video is almost sarcastic with lines like “We sellin’ kush not white boy” and “the club is in molly’s world”. Is the video anti-drug, or facetious? Honestly, the video isn’t even particularly interesting and seems lazy, but hey, diplo clearly gives zero fucks.

Watch the official music video for Techno ft. Waka Flocka Flame: