Come See EDM Talent JACKAL Perform His New Dreamy EP At Sonia 9/9

JACKAL is one of the fastest growing producer in the EDM scene right now. Since he emerged in the scene February 2013, JACKAL has released over a dozen hugely successful remixes and recently his latest EP “Endorphins”. This EP is beautifully mastered and each song is it’s own daydream with ethereal synths and dreamy vocals. The first song of the EP “With You” massages your eardrums as you listen, featuring soft melodies and instrumentals that come together in a magical way.

Check it out below:

This is an epic EP that you are going to want to see live.

Buy tickets for his Sonia show on 9/9 below, you definitely won’t regret it!

Also make sure to listen to the rest of his awesome EP:




Turn Up With Slander And Dombresky On Their Superhuman Tour 9/8 at Royale

Slander is an American DJ duo consisting of Derek Anderson and Scott Land based in Los Angeles. They are best known for their unique sound and subgenre “heaven trap”. If you haven’t heard of this genre, check out the dreamy synths in their latest release “Superhuman” ft. Eric Leva.

Anderson and Land met at their fraternity at UC Irvine in California and became friends through their love of producing music. They later went to and graduated from Icon Collective, a music production school together with NGHTMRE. The name Slander was combined from both their names names: “S(cott) Land” and “Ander(son)”. Now they are blowing up fast in the EDM scene and have already performed at EDC (Las Vegas, Orlando and Mexico), Nocturnal Wonderland, Electric Zoo and Sun City Music Festival.

Check out their lit EDC set from this year:

Slander is also a part of the Gud Vibrations radio show with NGHTMRE (which you should follow on soundcloud). The radio show had a hugely successful tour this fall and we’re sure they will be touring again soon.

You don’t want to miss them when they come to Royale 9/8 for their Superhuman Tour. They will most definitely have the crowd going wild.

Buy your tickets below before they sell out!

Don’t Miss Bingo Players Debut Latest Album “Beat the Drum” at Royale 9/15!

Best known for their top electro house hits “Cry (Just a Little)” and “Rattle“, Bingo Players’ music is well known across the EDM scene. The Bingo Players was founded by Dutch DJs, Maarten Hoogstraten and Paul Bäumer back in 2006 when they at first largely produced tech house music. They later changed their stye in 2011 to produce more dance  inspired house tracks like the internationally recognized club hit  “Cry (Just a Little)” that borrows lyrics from Brenda Russell‘s “Piano In The Dark“. In 2013, they experienced a new surge of fame as they released a revamped version of Rattle; “Get Up (Rattle)” featuring the Far East Movement. The song instantly blew up and charted in the Top Ten around the world in Germany, Austria, France, and Australia, and even made #1 on UK charts.

Hear the energetic house classic along with it’s quirky music video for yourself below :

Bingo Players also created a record label called Hysteria, which features awesome weekly club music mixes (we highly recommend subscribing to the podcast or following on soundcloud to hear the hottest new electro house tracks). Unfortunately, Paul tragically passed away in December of 2013 due to a battle with cancer. Maarten pledged to continue Bingo Players and Paul’s legacy, and their name certainly lives on. His latest album “Beat the Drum” was released earlier this month and you’re going to want to hear it live at the upcoming show on September 15th at Royale.

Buy your tickets before they sell out below:

LO’99 Makes Mark in U.S.



Welcoming the month of July, LO’99 visited DC, his 4th stop on tour. The U.S. is a new territory for this up & coming Australian DJ, but he sure made his mark on July 8th. To get a taste of LO’99, here is a link to a recent mix, you’ll definitely feel the future bass and house vibes!

Personally, after hearing this mix and seeing him live, I do believe he is an artist to watch! This was my first time at Eden Lounge in DC but for LO’99 it was perfect. It was an intimate space and really got the positive vibe off everyone including the employees.


Most of the night, everyone was in a circle with one person showing off their shuffling moves. As soon as LO’99 came to the stage, it got crazier and even those who didn’t know how to shuffle were trying. While adding his own music and vibe, LO’99 added in mixes of classics such as Jump Around and crowd favorites from artist like Zeds Dead. As far as set up, there was an alarm clock blinking with “LO’99” as well as 3 red siren lights. It was a night to remember with a great new artist emerging in the scene.

LO’99 | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Electric Family Becomes a Well Respected Company For The Community


Electric Family, founded in 2012 by Matt Donkers, Drew Nilon and Steve Brudzewski, has supported numerous artists and foundations through their 17 artist bracelets. A few causes are Krewella supporting dance for paralysis, Adventure Club supporting a cure for cancer, and Dash Berlin supporting the Giri Asih Foundation. Each artist bracelet has raised thousands of dollars in support of their cause. “Adventure Club was our first bracelet” stated Donkers, “and over time we have sold so many Adventure Club bracelets alone raising over $25,000.” Continue reading

Check out Cash Cash, DSK CHK, and Twalle at AQUA Next Weekend!

Next weekend at the O’Neill Center in Danbury, CT, Cash Cash is preforming at AQUA, a 3D water-oriented special effects event that describes as: “Powerful fountains surge with vibrant colors. Bursts of cool mist refresh your body. All while you dance to some of the world’s greatest DJs.”

Cash Cash is a trio straight from New Jersey, comprised of brothers Jean Paul Makhlouf and Alex Makhlouf, along with their best friend Samuel Frisch. You have probably heard them before, from their popular tracks such as Take Me Home ft. Bebe Rexha and their newest single – Surrender. Cash Cash has come out with several impressive tracks which they produce, record, mix & and master together as a trio. This group has produced several albums, and a plethora of EPs and singles.

A decent remix of a Cash Cash song by Tritonal:

Preforming alongside Cash Cash is DSK CHK, a mysterious Guy Fawkes-masked DJ. Not much is known about DSK CHK, other than his unique “Performance DJ” style as you can see here. Last but not least is Twalle, a solo DJ from Rhode Island who is pretty well known in the Western Connecticut EDM scene. Twalle’s soul mission is to “…provide the best musical journey possible.”

You can check out all of these artists’ here:

Cash Cash: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website

DSK CHK: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Twalle: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Our Exclusive Interview with Adventure Club at Tuxedo Junction


Last week, my fellow writer Matthew Davidson and I had the chance to interview Adventure Club before their set on Monday 12/29 at Tuxedo Junction in Danbury, CT. We learn a lot about the dubstep-duo from new tracks coming out to Leighton’s Magic the Gathering obsession.

So what are your names?

Christian: My name’s Christian.

Leighton: What’s up, I’m Leighton, and we are Adventure Club.

First question right off the bat – What is a Malaysian Safari?

C: Jesus Christ, I have no idea. Am I supposed to know this?

L: I don’t think I’ve seen a single animal in Malaysia.

You’ve been to Malaysia?

L: Yeah but I didn’t see any wildlife… maybe some kind of bird or… some kind of four legged creature.

Where are you guys currently from?

C: Montreal, born and raised.

Are you guys based out there?

L: Yeah, everything is in Montreal, our studio, everything.

How long have you guys lived there?

C: He’s been there forever; I’ve been there since I was like 10.

So I heard you guys started as a hardcore rock band?

C: Yeah, I don’t what we started as, it was probably just a garbage garage band.

Wikipedia describes it as like pop-punk

L: Yeah, that’s what we kinda got into when we were in a band

That’s pretty cool. And from that you guys kind of transitioned into EDM?

L: We released like two Adventure Club songs when we were still producing pop-punk music

Who have you guys been most inspired by generally?

C: I’m a big Glass Drop fan, but as far as the EDM scene goes, we’re both really heavily influenced by Skrillex, and I’m into Flume.

Do you guys have any tracks coming out in the near future?

C: Yeah, our next single is coming out at the end of January with DallasK

Have you guys collabed with anybody and are you looking to collab with any artist in the future?

L: The only real collab we produced so far was with Krewella, we released it like two years ago, its called Rise & Fall. In the future we have some plans with names we can’t really mention.

Do you guys have any other hobbies besides music?

L: I’m a huge magic the gathering fan, actually.

So you guys are based in Montreal, but where do you tour most?

L: Florida, probably. Colorado and Florida.

C: All over the U.S. really, mostly like Florida and Colorado as he said.

Where do you think is your biggest fan base?

L: Probably the same states, including a couple other ones.

C: Like Denver, Texas, Florida, New York, California

L: All over the place, every single one of them.

C: Mexico too, Like El Paso.

Both Leighton and Christian were great company to hang out with, and after the interview they played a killer set. Check out some pictures and videos from their live set here:



Insomniac Announces Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2015 Dates

10329054_10202869905699862_2226200975593567127_nThe time has finally arrived where Insomniac, a leading Electric Dance Music company, has announced that the infamous Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, better known as EDC, will be held on June 19 – 21 at The Las Vegas Motor Speedway. General Admission 3 day tickets will start at $329 (+fees) with a general admission payment plan offered that will start at $75.25 a month. A VIP 3-Day ticket will begin at $699 (+fees) with a VIP payment plan also offered at $151.50 a month. Continue reading

Pier of Fear Live Review – Adventure Club & Top Headliners Put on a Show to Remember


This year’s Pier of Fear featured arguably one of the best lineups out there for Halloween night. Adventure Club joined forces with a powerful team including DJ Craze, Cazzette, Tchami, DJ Snake, Borgeous, Milo & Otis, and Knife Party. The crowd was off the hook and with the size of this lineup, the party went on for 9 straight hours, ending at 4:30 am! Check out the official lineup to get a taste of what was experienced by (if I could guess), thousands of people.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 7.53.54 PM

Due to some halloween parade traffic, myself and my honorary Malaysian Safari members arrived in the middle of Tommy Trash’s set and the dance floor was packed. If you have been to Pier 94 before you know how huge the venue is and how far the travel is to get from the back of the crowd to the front. My friends and took on the challenge and made it into the deep depths of the crowd.

tommy-trash  DJ+Snake+PNG

The costumes were crazy, to say the least, ranging from rasta bananas, to gory zombies, to exotic fairies. Traveling through the crowd felt like an adventure as all creatures from heaven and hell flashed before my eyes, and Tommy Trash’s adrenaline pumping show-down set the mood for the rest of the night. Next up: DJ Snake. His brilliant style of remixed EDM and hip-hop had the crowd jamming past midnight. And then the act we were all waiting for: Adventure Club.

Continue reading

Skrillex to Perform in the Bay Area


Insomniac has announced that Skrillex will be playing a one night show at the Craneway Pavillion in Richmond, California on Halloween day this year!

Although no details have been announced regarding what time the event starts or when tickets go on sale, attendees can can expect an amazing show at a perfect venue. Skrillex is an internationally known DJ who has collaborated with Kill the Noise, Sirah, Kaskade, Ellie Goulding and more recently Diplo to form Jack U.

This will be Skrillex’s first show back in the Bay Area since his “Skrillex Takes Over” Tour hit San Francisco the beginning of 2014.


To  better prepare yourself for all future Skrillex shows, listen to a few of his most well produced songs:

Promises – Nero (Skrillex Remix) –

First of the Year –

Recess – Skrillex (feat. Kill the Noise, Fatman Scoop, and Angelakos):