Listen to Pham & Sober Rob “Albi” ft. Madi

This track blends a beautiful vocal performance by Albi and the intricate production skills of Sober Rob & Pham. We’re big fans of Sober Rob here at Malaysian Safari, check out our previous article to hear some of the best songs by Sober Rob. Pham is a less-familiar name so we did some research. Pham is a Polish producer who has been releasing music for no more than a year. We specifically like the track, “Talk To Me (ft Anuka)” – listen to the song here.The decision to team up with Sober Rob, an equally new producer, exemplifies the value of young, talented minds.

This song, as released on Zeds Dead’s label, Deadbeats Records, marks a huge step towards Sober Rob and Pham’s visibility as artists. Clearly Deadbeats is investing in fresh, diverse artists so looking forward to hearing more – in the meantime be sure to check out the artist tracks on Soundcloud and show support for these expert producers.

Sober Rob – Facebook | Twitter | Soundclound

Pham – Facebook | Twitter | Soundclound

Doppelgang Presents 1: Grab Nine Fresh Tracks For Free


Have you heard of the Doppelgang? If not, catch the newest tunes from this Boston-based music collective. Founded on hip hop and cutting-edge production, Doppelgang Music brings you a variety of producers and rappers with a style that will feed your future pallet. Doppelgang Presents 1 features tracks from Eli Baker, feewet, Bryan Martinez, Palmingo, and more. One of the shining tracks is the R.I.C.O. Freestyle by Bryan Martinez, who is dropping his debit mixtape Makavellian Friday March 25th. Visit for updates on the latest from Doppelgang and download Doppelgang Presents 1 here.

Listen to Doppelgang Presents on Soundcloud:

Doppelgang: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Kaytranada Talks New Album 99.9% and Drops New Single ‘Bus Ride’

I’ve been keeping my eye on Kaytranada since last year – he has consistently released bootlegs, remixes, and great originals on his Soundcloud. Just yesterday he announced his debut album, 99.9%, on BBC Radio 1. He discusses basic inspirations for the album, including collaborations with Bad Bad Not Good, Syd, and Karriem Riggins. 99.9% will be available on May 5th and will be up for pre-streaming on BBC Radio 1 on April 27th. Until then, hold yourself over with his new song ‘Bus Ride’ on Soundcloud.

Hear the interview from Kaytranada here  and listen to ‘Bus Ride’ on Soundcloud now:

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Champagne Drip Releases Free EP ‘Journey Into The Champagne Sea’


We’ve been following Champagne Drip since he dropped his EP Radio Bikini last year. A Mad Decent signee, this artist has a unique and clean style. His new EP dropped today – titled, Journey Into The Champagne Sea, this release shows off Champagne Drip’s diverse style and versatility between genres. The concept behind this artist is humorous; his song titles and sound choice are fitting for the artist name. Not only does he produce great music, but Champagne Drip is a relatively mysterious artist. The producer isn’t playing festivals, huge shows, or collaborating with a ton of artists.

Check out Champagne Drip’s “Sounds From The Well” mix:

Listen to Journey Into The Champagne Sea below and download for free:

Champagne Drip: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Up And Coming Artist ATTLAS Premieres Wastaga on Mau5trap Records


Every so often, deadmau5 will sign a new artist to his label, mau5trap. I enjoy mau5trap releases because they aren’t afraid to sign unique talent. I first heard of ATTLAS on BBC Radio 1 where he did an after hours mix for Pete Tong. I appreciate the ambient style – during the mix Attlas was telling a story, including samples from films and a consistent plot themed with the music. You can listen to the mix here. Attlas has an upcoming EP titled Scene which features 6 original songs, including his most recent release, ‘Wastaga’. Be sure to check out ATTLAS on social media and stay tuned for his unique ambient/house style.

Pre-order Scene Ep here and listen to ‘Wastaga’ below:

Attlas: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Ghastly’s Hello Festival Season Mix Will Have You Dancing [Tracklist]


Ghastly is a new force in the house game – I recently saw Ghastly for the first time at Camp Bisco and was impressed with his DJ skills and song choice. This dude knows how to DJ. I took a peek at Ghastly’s soundcloud today and really dug some of his tracks – if I had to choose an artist Ghastly is very similar to, it is Jauz. Ghastly’s song repertoire includes both great remixes and originals. His remix of Bitch You Guessed It (dubbed ‘Bitch You Ghastly’) is great, as well as his original track ‘Shock Value’ with Dirty Doses. For the summer festival season, Ghastly has put out a killer mix called ‘Hello Festival Season. This mix shows off a variety of great future house as well as some awesome unreleased stuff from Ghastly including his collaboration with Jauz and another track with Brillz.

Listen to the mix below:

Ghastly: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Ta-ku Announces ‘Songs to Make Up To’ and New Single


I loved Songs to Break Up To – it’s what got me into Ta-ku. After that EP I discovered his 50 Days for Dilla spiel as well as some of Ta-ku’s most amazing radio mixes and remixes. In his new follow up EP, this time we’re making up in the aptly named Songs to Make Up To. To tease the EP, Ta-ku has released a single, which features JMSN and Sango.

Hear the new single, ‘Love Again’:

Ta-ku: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

I wasn’t particularly moved by the new song – I thought it was underwhelming, a bit distant from the cool beats off Songs to Break Up to. The vocals seemed disinteresting and generic. Surely I’ll have to go back later and listen to this tune again, I’m in a very non-chill mood today. Mood affects the way people hear music; Ta-ku definitely sits on the calmer side of music. I like to listen to Ta-ku on my way to class or while doing homework.

I’m more excited about what this new EP will sound like as a whole rather than ‘Love Again’ as a standalone song. I’m not predicting a ‘Songs to Break Up To 2’ from a self-proclaimed genre-killer such as Ta-ku, and we can definitely be ready to listen to some decent music. Ta-ku seems to pour a large amount of soul into his productions, and I expect Songs to Make Up To to be on the same page.

Listen to this Ta-ku interview fousing on Songs to Break Up To:

Flux Pavilion Teases New Dubstep Track, ‘International’


After a relatively large gap of silence, Bass Music king Flux Pavilion is back with more signature tunes. This newest song, ripped from Mistajam Radio, shows off Flux’s classic style – huge bass and a full spectrum of sound slams into your face backed by reggae vocals from Doctor (not Doctor P). Hopefully this tease means Flux has some studio material to release in the near future. His last EP, Freeway, was a massive success, spawning off dozens of remixes from amazing artists such as Milo & Otis, Kill Paris, and Bro Safari.

Listen to the rip here:

Flux Pavilion: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Major Lazer Creates and Innovates Culture: Upcoming Album ‘Peace is the Mission’ Features Massive Collaborations


What started out as a side project has grown into a cultural phenomenon. Listeners might comment on how Major Lazer is imitating Jamaican culture On the contrary, Diplo claims the group is inventing new culture. When Major Lazer performs in Jamaica, it’s practically a riot. Their newest album, titled, Peace is the Mission, is due for release early June. The album features collaborations with MØ, Pusha T, Ellie Goulding, 2 Chainz, Ariana Grande, and more. If you go to there is a counter leading up to the release. You can also pre-order the album, check out Major Lazer’s most recent videos, and find their music on Spotify.

Watch the lyric video for Major Lazer’s newest song, Roll the Bass:

Major Lazer: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Major Lazer has an incredible amount of content prepared for 2015, including two new albums and a Major Lazer cartoon. In addition, the group has dropped two new songs, including a music and lyric video to go along. For their single Lean On, Diplo has expressed a particular interest in India.

Diplo shared this in a press release:

“India is special and its beauty absolutely humbled me. When we toured there as Major Lazer, it was mind blowing to see our fan-base and we wanted to incorporate the attitude and positive vibes into our video and just do something that embodies the essence of Major Lazer. Major Lazer has always been a culture mashup and to us, India feels like some kind of special creature with one foot in history and one firmly in the future. The experience is something we’ll never forget”

Check out the music video to Lean On (ft. MØ):

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Who Is Marshmello? Download All His Tracks for Free and Learn About This Mysterious Breakout Artist


Everyone loves a mystery artist. Just check out @marshmellomusic on twitter and you’ll see the stirrup this artist has caused in the electronic music sphere. Marshmello appeared practically overnight on social media, immediatley gaining thousands of followers and soundcloud reposts from prominemt producers. His debut track, “WaVeZ”, garnered almost 150,000 plays in only two weeks. With support from jauz, heroes x villains, branchez, herobust, dotcom, lookas, boombox cartel, and the Mad Decent Label, Marshmello has set himself on the course to success in a short amount of time as a public artist.

marshmello: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Who is marshmello? I’ve looked into reddit threads, blogs, social media, yet there’s only really anough information to make assumptions. Here’s what I found:

1. marshmello is likely a side project, or at least a well-respected producer

Whoever marshmello is, he is a good producer. Most of the time, great producers don’t just rise out of the dust – surely the person or people behind marshmello have been producing for years and have been building a repitoire of tracks

2. Mad Decent is probably behind marshmello’s overnight success

Marshmello is listed on the Mad Decent Boat Party lineup and has direct support from the likes of many Mad Decent signees. If an artist were to work directly with Mad Decent to plan out a marketing campaign alongside well-established artists, it’s reasonable to account for the instant success marshmello has achieved.

3. Jauz, Diplo, and Skidope are some of the most popular artists believed to be marshmello

According to FPIA (Fake Producers Intelligence Agency) on Twitter, they suspect marshmello could be Jauz, Diplo, Skidope, or a combination of the three.

4. Watch out for the #mellogang

marshmello has been using the hashtag ‘mellogang’ so I’m excited to see where this goes. Obviously this artist has great social media tactics and #mellogang is a part of it all. What is all comes down to is: either marshmello is a marketing genius with great connections and incredible producing skills, or a side project of an already established producer.


What matters in the end is that marshmello’s music is fantastic and free. Surely we will see a bright future for marshmello, and I’m excited to watch his career evolve through 2015. Listen to marshmello’s recent tracks, all of which you can download for free:

Check out some of our favorite tweets from @marshmellomusic: