Come See EDM Talent JACKAL Perform His New Dreamy EP At Sonia 9/9

JACKAL is one of the fastest growing producer in the EDM scene right now. Since he emerged in the scene February 2013, JACKAL has released over a dozen hugely successful remixes and recently his latest EP “Endorphins”. This EP is beautifully mastered and each song is it’s own daydream with ethereal synths and dreamy vocals. The first song of the EP “With You” massages your eardrums as you listen, featuring soft melodies and instrumentals that come together in a magical way.

Check it out below:

This is an epic EP that you are going to want to see live.

Buy tickets for his Sonia show on 9/9 below, you definitely won’t regret it!

Also make sure to listen to the rest of his awesome EP:




Turn Up With Slander And Dombresky On Their Superhuman Tour 9/8 at Royale

Slander is an American DJ duo consisting of Derek Anderson and Scott Land based in Los Angeles. They are best known for their unique sound and subgenre “heaven trap”. If you haven’t heard of this genre, check out the dreamy synths in their latest release “Superhuman” ft. Eric Leva.

Anderson and Land met at their fraternity at UC Irvine in California and became friends through their love of producing music. They later went to and graduated from Icon Collective, a music production school together with NGHTMRE. The name Slander was combined from both their names names: “S(cott) Land” and “Ander(son)”. Now they are blowing up fast in the EDM scene and have already performed at EDC (Las Vegas, Orlando and Mexico), Nocturnal Wonderland, Electric Zoo and Sun City Music Festival.

Check out their lit EDC set from this year:

Slander is also a part of the Gud Vibrations radio show with NGHTMRE (which you should follow on soundcloud). The radio show had a hugely successful tour this fall and we’re sure they will be touring again soon.

You don’t want to miss them when they come to Royale 9/8 for their Superhuman Tour. They will most definitely have the crowd going wild.

Buy your tickets below before they sell out!

Don’t Miss Bingo Players Debut Latest Album “Beat the Drum” at Royale 9/15!

Best known for their top electro house hits “Cry (Just a Little)” and “Rattle“, Bingo Players’ music is well known across the EDM scene. The Bingo Players was founded by Dutch DJs, Maarten Hoogstraten and Paul Bäumer back in 2006 when they at first largely produced tech house music. They later changed their stye in 2011 to produce more dance  inspired house tracks like the internationally recognized club hit  “Cry (Just a Little)” that borrows lyrics from Brenda Russell‘s “Piano In The Dark“. In 2013, they experienced a new surge of fame as they released a revamped version of Rattle; “Get Up (Rattle)” featuring the Far East Movement. The song instantly blew up and charted in the Top Ten around the world in Germany, Austria, France, and Australia, and even made #1 on UK charts.

Hear the energetic house classic along with it’s quirky music video for yourself below :

Bingo Players also created a record label called Hysteria, which features awesome weekly club music mixes (we highly recommend subscribing to the podcast or following on soundcloud to hear the hottest new electro house tracks). Unfortunately, Paul tragically passed away in December of 2013 due to a battle with cancer. Maarten pledged to continue Bingo Players and Paul’s legacy, and their name certainly lives on. His latest album “Beat the Drum” was released earlier this month and you’re going to want to hear it live at the upcoming show on September 15th at Royale.

Buy your tickets before they sell out below:

The New What So Not x GANZ Collab You’ve Been Waiting For



Brand new banger alert! Legendary artists GANZ and What So Not have come out with a fresh new tune, and trust me when I say it is fire. New single from What So Not & GANZ ‘Lone’ (feat. JOY.)’ is available on OWSLA this Friday 4/8. Beautiful melodic vocals paired with a mastery of delicious synths make this song a definite keeper. This is the first release by What So Not post-Flume and he certainly did not disappoint. With a huge 2016 tour schedule, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for the future.

Do yourself a favor. Kick back, relax and check out the new release below!


Vindata Wants to Do WHAT with Pharrell? SAFARI EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Welcome to the first installment of Talk Tuesdays. Every week, I will post a conversation with an artist or someone affiliated with the electronic music industry for your viewing pleasure. 

It’s a Friday, and I’m tired. I’m thinking of calling it a night when suddenly, my phone rings. Turns out some of my good friends are on their way to Audio SF, one of the premier nightclubs in the city, and wanna know if I’m down. I contemplate for a split second, think to myself “why not?” and jump into some clothes. It is perhaps one of the better decisions I’ve made, as later that night I find myself ordering chicken wings with Branden Ratcliffe, one half of Vindata, in a hotel lobby south of Market Street.

Known to many as OWSLA’s up-and-coming duo, bass-heavy Vindata doesn’t hold back on their punches. They’ve toured Europe, worked with some of the top acts in the industry, and released Through Time and Space EP six months ago- anyway, I’ll let them speak for themselves. Check out the interview I had with them after their zealous set, opening for Manila Killa. 

Branden Ratcliff (Vindata, left), Danya Adib (author, middle), and Jared Poythress (Vindata, right)

Branden Ratcliff (Vindata, left), Danya Adib (author, middle), and Jared Poythress (Vindata, right)

TL;DR: Both Branden Ratcliff and Jared Poythress came across as very easy going guys as they elaborated on each question with introspection and passion regarding their music. With each question asked, they bounced off each other’s answers and added onto each layer of thought thrown down.  This interview is broken up into reflections on childhood, musical influences, touring, the music industry, and the past & the future. Make sure to read till the end (or at least skip to the last page), because that’s where we really sort past the fluff.




DA: Okay let’s get started. First of all, what are your birth names?

BR: Branden Ratcliff

JP: Jared Poythress

DA: Alright let’s get a little bit of background on you guys. Where are you from?

BR: I was born in Los Angeles and I was pretty much raised all over Southern California, so yeah pretty much stayed in California most of my life.

JP: I was born in Okinawa, Japan. I lived there till I was ten- my dad was in the military for about 26 years, so I moved around a lot. I lived in Colorado for about 4 years, Oklahoma for 4 years, and then I moved to California and met this dude. We’ve known each other for about what?

BR: 8 years.

JP: Yeah.

DA: Mm okay. So now did you two play any classical instruments growing up?

BR & JP: Not classical

BR: I mean we both played drums. We grew up in the church, like both of our families are heavily into gospel music and church music. We both played drums for different church functions so that’s kinda like where we started.


DA: Does your religious upbringing still influence your career, your music?

BR: Of course. I think there’s a foundation that we learn in religious studies and church but I think for us, we’ve personally built on top of that, we’ve grown from that; not just like keeping it the same way we were taught. We learn more, we’ve been heavily influenced by Eastern philosophies and different religions and belief systems, and we’ve seen universal truths now that we may have not seen before. But we still have that foundation we had with growing up in the church.

JP: It gave us a mentality of being very positive. I have this [tattoo], it’s a saying we go by: positive mental attitude… when I met [Branden], we worked on records, we’d go through our beginnings or our endings and we’d always have a positive mental attitude… at the end of the day, growing up, our main focus was being positive and being – I don’t wanna say hopeful –

DA: Optimistic?

Jp: Optimistic.

BR: Part of our music is supposed to inspire people. It’s not just to have fun. We have fun records, but a big piece of our music is inspiring people to really believe in themselves, stay positive no matter what, take that risk if they really believe in themselves to do it, take that risk and be the person they can be in the end. So with that whole positive mental attitude, you kinda have to keep that in mind while you’re going through your day to day stuff.


(Continued on next page- Musical Influences)

Vindata Drops Latest Video, Gives Us EXCLUSIVE Inside Look

Through Time and Space EP

Fog floats along the brittle grass, nearly dancing as the first notes of the synth blare. Suddenly, the tattered edges of long ropes are in shot, a black hooded figure pulling them into billowing clouds.

This is how Vindata’s latest video “Can’t Say No” begins. An ostensibly cheery song in composition, “Can’t Say No” was released in August 2015 along with the Through Time and Space EP.  On February 12th, nearly six months later, Pitchfork Media debuted its video on their website.

Continue reading

The New Face of Excision: The Paradox


If you’ve seen Excision in the last four years you’ve probably thought his live setup, The Executioner, was one of the best in EDM. Early 2015 he announced the last tour with his executioner stage. We wondered how Excision would step his game up, and if it was even possible. following his tour he announced they were building a stage called “The Paradox.” This stage has “A face-melting 150,000 watts of PK sound,” as stated by Excision, and a 420 square foot visual display. This last Friday December 11th he unveiled it at The Myth Nightclub in Minnesota. It was one of the most stunning and mind melting experiences. Mid show Excision even managed to set off the venues fire alarms, and the show went on hold for about 15 minutes before continuing to slay the audience.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.57.43 PM

The hype is unreal! Other artists are tuning in and turning up:

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.58.13 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.58.22 PM

If you want in on this madness click here and pick a date before its too late!

Video credit: Joe Create

Excision’s: TwitterFacebook, and Soundcloud


Have You Heard Yellow Claw’s Epic New EP?


Yellow Claw released a dope new EP today, showcasing their new style that is noticeably more pop influenced than their previous work. Before you get turned off, you should know that it’s GOOD pop (never thought I would ever say that) but it’s true. Pusha T, Tyga, Naaz and Ty Dolla $ign are just a few of the guest artists on this EP. They use vocals to their advantage, making each song more memorable with a catchy melody to accompany their signature Yellow Claw beat. I really respect these artists for incorporating new styles into their music and making it work (while maintaining the head-banging quality fans love).

Check out the EP below on Soundcloud!


Must See! Lido Does Amazing Performance in Collaboration with KORK Orchestra.


Lido has proven to possess powerful musical talent through his imaginative and unique songs. Lido has taken things a step further by performing classical music live with the notable KORK orchestra. He has adapted his electronic tracks to be played with physical instruments, creating the perfect marriage between the two mediums of music making. The result is simply mind blowing—see it for yourself!




When in Rome, Do as the Ravers Do- Counterpoint Music Festival 2015


It’s every raver’s favorite time of year- festival season is now in full swing! Counterpoint Music Festival kicked off my summer as I road tripped down to Rome, GA to catch some of my favorite producers including, Dillon Francis, GRiZ, Knife Party, Excision, Zedd and so many more talented musicians.  Held in the rolling hills of Kingston Downs, Counterpoint Music Festival was by far one of the most memorable weekends I have ever experienced.

Day one began caravaning into the campgrounds, rolling in 18 cars deep. This is what we call a rave family- a family so large, you don’t even know everyone’s names.  Every raver has one and if you aren’t a part of one, it’s incredibly easy to be adopted into one.  The crowds at electronic music festivals consist of some of the most loving and high-spirited people you will ever encounter, making attending festivals solo just as enjoyable as going with your squad.

After passing through security with our overly packed cars, full of festival essentials, we pulled into the general meet-up area to wait for the rest of our crew.  While it was only noon and the show didn’t start for another few hours, the party began as we all hopped out of our cars, broke open the coolers, and began dropping the bass.  The energy was already high and we hadn’t even set up camp.  Once everyone in our caravan regrouped, we continued to the campgrounds where we were given a 15 x 35 ft plot to set up.  Within the hour, tents were popping up and tapestries were blowing in the wind.


As we entered the venue for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the numerous activities going on inside; there were art installations, various vendors, a light-up Ferris wheel, and the diverse crowd of festival goers showing off their hooping skills.  Counterpoint attracted two types of music fans: jam bands and EDM listeners.  These two distinct groups usually don’t associate with each other, but that’s what makes this festival so special.  The stages separated the types of crowds, yet we were all brought together in the heart of venue to admire art or hangout by the hammocks.


Besides the atmosphere the festival had to offer, the real reason I was so attracted to Counterpoint was the incredible lineup.  Day one included top artists such as Tauk, Zomboy, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Knife Party, and Excision. Day one was just a preview of the perfect lineup though; Day two’s lineup was so great, I didn’t even need to leave the Steeple Stage.  On Day two, top producers such as Jauz, GRiZ, What So Not, RL Grime, and Dillon Francis had the crowd practically fainting of complete exhaustion from raging too hard.  The third day of the festival is when we all found true perfection. Kygo brought everyone to the beach for his set as he played tropical house complimenting the sunset over Kingston Down’s hills.  Zedd destroyed the crowd with lasers and true colors, as he dropped new songs off his latest album.  Finally, Zeds Dead closed off the festival and fireworks lit up the sky, as the moon was glowing from behind.


The party didn’t end after the final set of course.  Silent Disco kept the crowds dancing until 5 am every night.  Not only was the venue awake late at night, but the campground didn’t seem to sleep either.  Mini DJ parties were scattered throughout the campgrounds; no matter where you walked, music was playing and people were dancing.

Many people complain about the price tags on music festivals such as Counterpoint, but when you experience a weekend so memorable, it’s worth every penny.  You won’t meet people with loving vibes and such accepting personalities just anywhere in the world, but you will at Counterpoint Music Festival.  The friendships and memories you make from music festivals are forever and I highly suggest attending next year.


Counterpoint Music Festival: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram