Come See EDM Talent JACKAL Perform His New Dreamy EP At Sonia 9/9

JACKAL is one of the fastest growing producer in the EDM scene right now. Since he emerged in the scene February 2013, JACKAL has released over a dozen hugely successful remixes and recently his latest EP “Endorphins”. This EP is beautifully mastered and each song is it’s own daydream with ethereal synths and dreamy vocals. The first song of the EP “With You” massages your eardrums as you listen, featuring soft melodies and instrumentals that come together in a magical way.

Check it out below:

This is an epic EP that you are going to want to see live.

Buy tickets for his Sonia show on 9/9 below, you definitely won’t regret it!

Also make sure to listen to the rest of his awesome EP:




Jackal – Chinchilla (Jesse Slayter Remix) [Free Download]


Jesse Slayter and Wuki bring a unique brand of house to the table. Wuki calls it ‘booty bass’ – what these guys are doing is playing around with non ‘four on the floor’ drum patterns at normal dance music speeds. Supporting the original track, ‘Chinchilla’, by Jackal (listen here), this remix speeds up the extremely slow song and adds a fun 808 bassline.

Listen here and download for free”

Jesse Slayter: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Loudpvck turns up the crowd at NAGA Boston



“Trap is building strength off [hip-hop]. Rappers and trap artists are starting to pay attention to this EDM thing to form this third thing. It isn’t EDM trap, it isn’t rap music, it’s something new.” – Kenny Beats (Loudpvck)


As expected, trap duo Loudpvck (made up of New York City hip-hop producer Kenny Beats and LA electronic producer Ryan Marks) turned the hell up at Naga Nightclub in Cambridge on November 13th.

Although Kenny (1/2 pack) couldn’t make it due to some unconfirmed injury, Ryan took over the stage solo with effortless swag (largely due to his amazing signature stache) and head banging energy. The crowd was totally feeling their trademark dirty trap and heavy bass slapping throughout the set.The talented twerk dancers accompanying him on stage also added to the ratchet, hip hop vibe of the music.



Probably the most epic song to see live was WYLIN, a well known legendary collaboration with Paper Diamond. The hardcore Loudpvck fans started to jump and sing along as soon as they heard the familiar beat (myself included).

(Check it out below if you haven’t already!)


Another noticeably dope song played that night was a more recent collaboration with GladPvck (Gladiator + Loudpvck) – Tony, and of course their popular twerk remix of Shakedown (Jackal).


Anyone who has been to Naga will agree that it is a pretty intimate venue, and I cannot complain seeing as he was performing probably less than 3 feet in front of me. Overall, this was an unforgettable experience of jamming out to the dirtiest of trap along with fellow Loudpvck enthusiasts and a talented laid-back dude with an awesome stache.






Minnesota’s Mind Machine Tour Hits Boston


On Saturday night, Brighton Music Hall was beyond turnt up thanks to Minnesota’s Mind Machine Tour featuring artists G Jones and Jackal. Despite the small venue size, the room was packed with bass music enthusiasts who were ready to go dumb the second G Jones came on the mic. The Santa Cruz California native had a dope, unique mix consisting of entirely his own heavy songs. Continue reading