Countdown to the 15th Global Dance Festival

In just one month, Colorado will welcome back Global Dance Festival on July 21 and 22 at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium. Previously, the festival has been hosted at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO. From this move comes a silent disco area, free arcade games and rides, art gallery, and more. The lineup is stacked with a variety of artist from two of the biggest dubstep artist, Datsik and Excision, playing a back-to-back set to Hardwell for house music fans. Everyone attending the festival will be guaranteed to have an amazing experience from the lineup to the extra activities to do. Below is a full lineup including silent disco. To check out attractions or questions, go to this link.

Get your tickets now at this link for GA and here for VIP.

Malaysian Safari took the opportunity to interview people from across the country to ask them about Global Dance and this is what they have to say.

Q: To get an idea about you guys, what is your age, location, and what you do?

Parker: “I am 25 years old and from Baltimore, Maryland. I am a student and work a number of jobs including catering, promoting, and marketing for a computer programming startup.”

Vance: “I am 19 years old and from Durango, Colorado. I am a full time student studying economics at CSU.”

Josh: “I am 23 years old, working full time, and from Miami, Florida.”

Joe: “I am from Chicago going to school in Colorado and 20 years old.”

Q: What are your expectations for Global Dance based on previous experience or by reviews?

Parker: “I have heard a lot of great things about Global Dance. Although I have never been before, the line up is incredible and can’t wait!”

Vance: “The positive energy brought by fans to connect as one and freedom to express yourself.”

Josh: “I expect to listen to some of my favorite artist, dance a lot, and meet new people.”

Joe: “I plan to have a lot of fun and put out a lot of energy.”

Q: How do you feel about it being moved from Red Rocks Amphitheatre to Sports Authority Field at Mile High?

Parker: “Red Rocks is a very cool venue but I think Mile High Stadium will be a lot of fun. The festival will still be out doors and that is a big draw for me.”

Vance: “This is going to be my first Global Dance Festival and honestly was looking forward to Red Rocks. On the up side I am excited to see how it changes and grows being at a bigger venue.”

Josh: “I am really disappointment because Red Rocks is a beautiful venue. On the other hand, its more about the people and the music rather than the venue so on that note I’m excited to see more people at this venue.”

Joe: “I would prefer to have a it at Red Rocks but it will be cool to have it at a larger venue.”

Q: Other than the music, what part of the festival are you looking most forward to? Rides, arcade games, etc?

Parker: “One of my favorite things about festivals is the food! I think many cool vendors will be at Global Dance and hopefully I’ll get to try some new things.”

Vance: “Rides will be a really cool thing to experience at a festival, I have never been to one with rides before.”

Josh: “I look forward to seeing all the different outfits that people will wear.”

Joe: “Positive vibes and energy plus meeting new people.”

Q: What artist are you most excited to see and why?

Parker: “I cannot wait to see Ephwurd or Funtcase,they have always been some of my favorites.”

Vance: “I am so excited to see the back-to-back with Excision and Datsik, I have been waiting for along time for them to come together.”

Josh: “Porter Robertson is who I am most looking forward because of the vibes his sets bring.”

Joe: “Nero and Kaskade are my top two artist and they got me into EDM.”

Q: When attending a festival, such as Global Dance, what is your ritual for getting ready?

Parker: “I always make sure I’m hydrated for the few days running up to the festival and make sure I have all my gear together; Camelback, sunscreen, ear plugs and some dope outfits.”

Vance: “I enjoy getting ready with friends and eating a good meal before we go.”

Josh: “Showering, always eating an over-easy egg sandwich before every festival, and drinking water.”

Joe: “I worry about my personal hygiene then get decked out in my rave gear including LED shoes and bandanas.”

Q: Any additional comments you’d like to make regarding the festival?

Parker: “I have never been to a festival this far away from Maryland. I am super excited to see the different type of set-up and people it brings.”

Vance: “I’m excited to see the set up for a festival at a football stadium.”

Josh:” I love going with a good group of friends and have a great time.”

Joe: “Rave on and be safe- come find me fellow ravers!”

The New Face of Excision: The Paradox


If you’ve seen Excision in the last four years you’ve probably thought his live setup, The Executioner, was one of the best in EDM. Early 2015 he announced the last tour with his executioner stage. We wondered how Excision would step his game up, and if it was even possible. following his tour he announced they were building a stage called “The Paradox.” This stage has “A face-melting 150,000 watts of PK sound,” as stated by Excision, and a 420 square foot visual display. This last Friday December 11th he unveiled it at The Myth Nightclub in Minnesota. It was one of the most stunning and mind melting experiences. Mid show Excision even managed to set off the venues fire alarms, and the show went on hold for about 15 minutes before continuing to slay the audience.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.57.43 PM

The hype is unreal! Other artists are tuning in and turning up:

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.58.13 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.58.22 PM

If you want in on this madness click here and pick a date before its too late!

Video credit: Joe Create

Excision’s: TwitterFacebook, and Soundcloud


When in Rome, Do as the Ravers Do- Counterpoint Music Festival 2015


It’s every raver’s favorite time of year- festival season is now in full swing! Counterpoint Music Festival kicked off my summer as I road tripped down to Rome, GA to catch some of my favorite producers including, Dillon Francis, GRiZ, Knife Party, Excision, Zedd and so many more talented musicians.  Held in the rolling hills of Kingston Downs, Counterpoint Music Festival was by far one of the most memorable weekends I have ever experienced.

Day one began caravaning into the campgrounds, rolling in 18 cars deep. This is what we call a rave family- a family so large, you don’t even know everyone’s names.  Every raver has one and if you aren’t a part of one, it’s incredibly easy to be adopted into one.  The crowds at electronic music festivals consist of some of the most loving and high-spirited people you will ever encounter, making attending festivals solo just as enjoyable as going with your squad.

After passing through security with our overly packed cars, full of festival essentials, we pulled into the general meet-up area to wait for the rest of our crew.  While it was only noon and the show didn’t start for another few hours, the party began as we all hopped out of our cars, broke open the coolers, and began dropping the bass.  The energy was already high and we hadn’t even set up camp.  Once everyone in our caravan regrouped, we continued to the campgrounds where we were given a 15 x 35 ft plot to set up.  Within the hour, tents were popping up and tapestries were blowing in the wind.


As we entered the venue for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the numerous activities going on inside; there were art installations, various vendors, a light-up Ferris wheel, and the diverse crowd of festival goers showing off their hooping skills.  Counterpoint attracted two types of music fans: jam bands and EDM listeners.  These two distinct groups usually don’t associate with each other, but that’s what makes this festival so special.  The stages separated the types of crowds, yet we were all brought together in the heart of venue to admire art or hangout by the hammocks.


Besides the atmosphere the festival had to offer, the real reason I was so attracted to Counterpoint was the incredible lineup.  Day one included top artists such as Tauk, Zomboy, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Knife Party, and Excision. Day one was just a preview of the perfect lineup though; Day two’s lineup was so great, I didn’t even need to leave the Steeple Stage.  On Day two, top producers such as Jauz, GRiZ, What So Not, RL Grime, and Dillon Francis had the crowd practically fainting of complete exhaustion from raging too hard.  The third day of the festival is when we all found true perfection. Kygo brought everyone to the beach for his set as he played tropical house complimenting the sunset over Kingston Down’s hills.  Zedd destroyed the crowd with lasers and true colors, as he dropped new songs off his latest album.  Finally, Zeds Dead closed off the festival and fireworks lit up the sky, as the moon was glowing from behind.


The party didn’t end after the final set of course.  Silent Disco kept the crowds dancing until 5 am every night.  Not only was the venue awake late at night, but the campground didn’t seem to sleep either.  Mini DJ parties were scattered throughout the campgrounds; no matter where you walked, music was playing and people were dancing.

Many people complain about the price tags on music festivals such as Counterpoint, but when you experience a weekend so memorable, it’s worth every penny.  You won’t meet people with loving vibes and such accepting personalities just anywhere in the world, but you will at Counterpoint Music Festival.  The friendships and memories you make from music festivals are forever and I highly suggest attending next year.


Counterpoint Music Festival: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Blacksburg, Va Has Officially Been Destroid- Exclusive Interview with KJ Sawka


Photo taken by DJ ERiX

B.A.D.A.S.S Raves has taken over the EDM scene in Blacksburg, Va and college students are stoked to expand the rave community here in the New River Valley area.  Last Tuesday, B.A.D.A.S.S. put on a show at Sycamore Deli with talented drummer and producer, KJ Sawka headling.  The show was unreal to say the least.  The combination of the advanced light show by Fantasy Lighting and Staging and sounds by Deep Roots Production really stepped up the rave scene for a small college town. Those who came out to the show last Tuesday made the right decision; Sycamore Deli had an incredible turnout and was by far the biggest St. Patrick’s Day party of Blacksburg.

The show opened with local DJ K. Flo, who held the floor until 10pm when Riza took the stage.  Pyrite was the last opener for KJ.  Pyrite hyped up the crowd with a heavy trap set giving Blacksburg the energy it needed for KJ Sawka’s loud bass.  If you haven’t already, read out interview with Pyrite!

Photo taken by DJ ERiX

Photo taken by DJ ERiX

Finally, KJ Sawka, the drummer from Pendulum and Destroid, came on at midnight. KJ played a laptop set with electronic drumming pads and it was a phenomenal set.  Personally, one of the best parts about the show was the closely knit feeling the venue gave off.  Having KJ throw such heavy bass in our faces at a small venue gave the crowd a more personal show.  Additionally, the small venue feel gave the crowd an opportunity to actually watch KJ perform.  The difference between seeing KJ at Sycamore Deli compared to at a festival environment allowed short ravers such as myself to appreciate actually being able to see KJ’s drumming.  Watching KJ drum on the electronic drum pads was a whole other experience. KJ has been drumming for over 25 years and is by far the most talented drummer I have seen live.  At the end of KJ’s set, the drum & bass legend dropped some Pendulum songs and his unreleased song “Wild Fire.

KJ Sawka tore Blacksburg apart last Tuesday and if you weren’t there, you missed out.  Don’t be too disappointed you missed out last week though because B.A.D.A.S.S. Raves will be putting on another legendary show tonight, so be sure to come!

In addition, the show also donated some of their profits for Cameron Smook, a Virginia Tech student who has just recently passed.  It is amazing to be a part of such a close community, really setting an example of what Hokie Nation is all about. Read what B.A.D.A.S.S. has to say about the donations:

“A portion of the profits will be donated to causes related to Cameron Smook, a Hokie and friend to many members of our team and extended music family. As in the tradition of Blacksburg, we will rally together to help each other and remain strong. Our prayers go out to Cameron and his family in this difficult time. We hope that this party can bring his friends together and put some positive energy back into the world.”

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Protohype Talks Puppies, Dub-Hop and Life on Tour in a New Malaysian Safari Exclusive Interview


“When people come to see my show, its not just a dubstep show. It’s a Prototype show.”

We recently had the chance to talk with the talented dubstep producer, Protohype who opened for Excision’s Executioner tour this past week in Boston. Unlike his music would suggest, Protohype proved to be very friendly and down to earth, in addition to being extremely modest about his music and career. He revealed interesting stories about how he originally started producing hip hop beats, donated over 1000$ to the SPCA and where he finds his musical inspiration.

Read the interview below to discover more about this humble producer of “Dubhop” and what makes him a successful producer and DJ.

How did you begin producing?

• I started playing guitar at 12 with some friends, then got into drums. In 9th grade, my friends had a rap group and I learned to create beats for them on fl studio. 9 months later I was discovered and signed onto a local hip hop label in Nashville. When I was in college, I first listened to artists like Caspa and Rusko and found my love for dubstep, then Protohype was born. I then dropped out of Arizona state and moved to study at a music school in LA, where I mentored students and taught Ableton.

How did you find your style?

• I started with hip hop, and always loved hip hop. Everything I create has a hip hop influence. I love blending dubstep with hip hop, which led me to call it Dubhop; hip hop influenced dubstep.

What song are you most proud of?

• I’d have to say Fly. I made it a long time ago, originally as collab with CRNKN until he bailed on it. I then revisited song, got vocals and made music video which was featured on MTV and virgin airlines. I allowed me to be exposed to wider audience than just the dubstep world.

How do you feel about using vocals in your songs?

• I love vocals, if I could I would have them on every tune. Most of my tunes are melodic and fit well with vocals, they make a song more memorable.

What genre would you label your music?

• Dubhop when I first started, now it depends on tunes. I am leaning more towards pure dubstep. When people come to my show, its not just a dub step show, its a prototype show.

How’s touring with Excision?

•Pretty low key, Excision is a production genius. He’s an introvert at heart, but extroverted when he performs. His brand is everything….in terms of visuals, auditory experience and of course that bass.

What music do you listen to on your own time?

• When driving I usually listen to oldies or something very different because it refreshes your ears. When you get back to studio, it’s nice to have a new fresh perspective on music.

What is the #puppycrew?

• I have always loved animals and one day I started a tweet where every retweet it got I promised to donate a dollar to ASPCA which is an animal shelter. When I woke up the next morning, I found out that Bassnectar had retweeted it and it had gotten like 1000 retweets. Definitely a lot more than I anticipated, but I ended it and gave over 1000$ to ASPCA.  I found out that 12$ saves about 5 animals, so I saved an animal a day for a whole year which felt like a great thing to do. I am currently working on making a non profit organization of my own.

Why do you represent the west coast? (Even though you’re not from there.)

•Because thats where everyone thinks I’m from. I was born and raised in Nashville and left at 18. When people here that they are like; “but you don’t look like a redneck!” I’ve been in cali for about 4.5 yrs, and the southern boy in me has pretty much disappeared. Still comes out when I get angry though.

Whats hardest part of being on tour?

• This is my third bus tour. There are several stages to a bus tour, in beginning its getting to know the squad. Then two weeks in everything gets dialed in, and a month in people start to get a little edgy because you know how long you have left. 11 shows in, I asked my manager how many shows we had done, expecting like 25. You lose track of time and live in a coffin. Staying focused and continuing to work on music is crucial. I make a promise to myself to keep making music every night of the tour. I also have to miss Ultra this year which sucks.

Do you prefer producing or performing in general?

• I love producing, depends on how good song comes out though. When everything comes fast and easy, they are fun and inspiring moments. But when there is an amazing crowd, it feels amazing as well. I never really wanted to be a DJ, I always just loved creating music, and then it became a thing where I had to learn how to DJ.

Do you change your sets at every concert?

I work hard on keeping my sets fresh . It’s tough to switch is up completely because I play mostly my own stuff. I spend like 3 hrs every day finding new songs to add into the set. The first 40mins are pretty pre planned though.

What made you ditch Ableton for DJing?

• I used to use Ableton then it got boring. I started using CDJ then eventually added 3 more. I also felt stupid opening up a computer and plugging it in, just doesn’t feel right. I’d rather come on stage with a couple USBs and headphones in hand and start DJing.

When did you first use CDJs?

• First on the Minnesota tour. I also used them at 12th planets place, and I collab with Datsik a lot. Datsik’s a good friend of mine, he lives a couple blocks away. Love that dude!

What are your goals for the next year?

I want to do something unique, production-wise that I can afford while being super original. I also want to continue keep going up, even at a snail pace.

Do you ever plan to headline your own tour?

I dream about headlining a tour all the time but i’m not ready or big enough yet, and still need to save up. When i tour,  I want to do it right. I want people to be like “protohype’s first tour was fucking dope!”

Who are some people who have influenced your career?

• Paper Diamond was the first guy to really support me. He’s also one of my best friends. He’s been a big inspiration to me since day one, both music and business wise. Datsik is also another homie, and my first big release was on Rottun (Excision’s label).

What major festival to you hope to play at?

• Tomorrow World, although I don’t see that ever happening but it would be dope!I played at Electric Forest last year which was awesome.

What’s your favorite synth/plugin?

• Massive and Serum

What inspired the song Downfall?

• I wanted to make something different. I spent a lot of time with the UFK guys and Trolley Snatcha. I spent a random day screwing around and it came out really cool. I enjoyed trying a new side of production. I also made a couple other ones and they weren’t as good.

What is your spirit animal?

• A Penguin. I love penguins. I’ve always loved penguins.

What is a dubtep?

• I don’t know, sounds like a dance or more of a head bob maybe?

What is a Malaysian Safari?

• I think of some Zoolander shit.


The Spring Awakening 2015 Lineup is a Mainstream Festival Fan’s Wet Dream


In the right, large stadium context, the bigroom and festival sound becomes significantly more powerful and energetic.Last year Malaysian Safari ventured to Chicago for the Spring Awakening Music Festival, with headliners such as Tiesto, Kaskade, Pretty Lights, and Destroid. This year Soldier Field is bringing Hardwell AND Tiesto – Martin Garrix too, woahhh. Festival trap and mainstream EDM fans will be crawling over each other to get to this festival. However, the lineup isn’t JUST for drooling fans and prostitute toddlers, there are some fantastic names at the bottom of that list. I would personally be excited for the likes of Keys N’ Krates, Dipo, Hucci, Zeds Dead, and Excision.


Buy tickets here. Watch the official Spring Awakening teaser below:

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Excision Premieres ‘Codename X’ – New Album out Tuesday


Nobody is more excited for the new Excision album than I am. Having seen Excision live about six times and listening to his music since the very beginning, it’s exciting to see how amazing of a career Excision has built for himself. This new song is filled with bass, and as usual, is incredibly heavy. Soundcloud user Psycho Step comments, “OMFG I CAME’. That’s how great this new album will be, so great that soundcloud users across the globe will be cumming and soundgasming all over their computers. Dangerous stuff. Stay tuned for Excisions new album, Codename X, out this tuesday.

Click here for more info on Excision’s latest tour. Listen to ‘Codename X’ now:

Excision: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Excision, Downlink, Mark the Beast Drop ‘Go Low’ for Free


Merry christmas – for the holidays Excision, Downlink, and Mark the Beast have made their newest single, “Go Low”, available to download for free. This track features a brutal trap/dubstep style drop and will surely be the song you’ll be bumping as you get intoxicated with your relatives. The song features Downlink – “Go Low” is basically 2/3 of the supergroup Destroid. Excision has been pumping out an impressive amount of material including remix EPs, original songs, and tours as both Destroid and Excision. Be sure to grab the free download on soundcloud and have a happy holidays!

Listen and download for free on soundcloud:

Excision: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Excision Announces 150,00 Watt 2015 Tour Featuring Protohype and Minnesota


They will be playing at least one show in Minnesota. Three years ago I saw my first Excision show in Wallingford, CT, featuring 100,000 watts of bass. Since then, I have seen Excision live four times, every time being louder and heavier than the previous. Yes this tour will feature a 150,000 watt pk soundsystem. Yes rising bass music stars Minnesota and Protohype will be joining the tour on select dates. Undeniably Excision will have new tricks up his sleeve with the visual team, and you can be dead sure this will be Ex’s heaviest tour to date. Excision will be hitting 44 tour dates, ending the trip with a Red Rocks show, which should be legendary.

Excision’s most recent song, “Night Shine”, showcases his taste for heavy bass wobbles and epic chord progressions. Produced alongside The Frim with vocals from Luciana, this song is exceptionally loud and crisp. Excision’s wobbles are always wet and dynamic. Listen to “Night Shine” on soundcloud and buy it here on iTunes.

Get tickets online at and get a free pair of Excision high fidelity hearing protection.

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Dubstep Legends Shine at Safe In Sound Festival


It’s not too often that you see something like the Safe in Sound Festival. Malaysain Safari got the chance to cover the show in Philadelphia at Festival Pier. More than 5000 showed up to the show which featured a 150,000 watt pk soundsystem. The lineup was unreal – Flux Pavilion, Zeds Dead, Adventure Club, and Excision have all been players in the dubstep game since it began. Since 2010, all four of these artists have evolved their sound as well as expanded into new genres and side projects. In addition to the big names was Terravita and UZ, both relatively established producers.

We arrived at Festival Pier in time to catch almost all of Terravita’s set. Terravita performed with a rapper/mc who would spit rhymes as a song built up, which was a bit annoying at times, but worked well with certain songs. The artist mostly dropped heavy dubstep and trap, which is what I would expect from Terravita. Listen to Terravita on Soundcloud.


Next was UZ, a mysterious trap artist who is famous for wearing a mask when he performs live. Apparently not too many people get the chance to see UZ’s true identity which allows fans to focus on the music rather than the person behind it. UZ dropped a ton of trap, including songs like “Core” by RL Grime in addition to a ton of his own music and banger trap songs. UZ’s DJ setup consists of a laptop running some kind of software controlled by what looks like two vinyls, adding an extra element to his live performance. Be sure to check out UZ on Soundcloud – he has a ton of free downloads. Continue reading