Come See EDM Talent JACKAL Perform His New Dreamy EP At Sonia 9/9

JACKAL is one of the fastest growing producer in the EDM scene right now. Since he emerged in the scene February 2013, JACKAL has released over a dozen hugely successful remixes and recently his latest EP “Endorphins”. This EP is beautifully mastered and each song is it’s own daydream with ethereal synths and dreamy vocals. The first song of the EP “With You” massages your eardrums as you listen, featuring soft melodies and instrumentals that come together in a magical way.

Check it out below:

This is an epic EP that you are going to want to see live.

Buy tickets for his Sonia show on 9/9 below, you definitely won’t regret it!

Also make sure to listen to the rest of his awesome EP:




Doppelgang Releases ‘Doppelgang Presents 2’ [Free Download]


Doppelgang is giving us another treat: 10 more free tracks from their featured artists. Including production from palmingo, feewet, michael and raps by Doppelgangers AceTheKidd, Eli Baker, and Bryan Martinez. Our favorite track from this one is “Kiss Kiss”, a hip-hop version of Lido’s remix of the original track. This song shows the unique ability of Doppelgang to mesh club music with hip hop. Only expect more stellar content from the group in the future and be sure to follow Doppelgang on Soundcloud and Facebook and check out their website,

Download ‘Doppelgang Presents 2’ for free here.

If you missed out last time, check out Doppelgang Presents 1 here.

Doppelgang: Facebook| Twitter | Soundcloud

Doppelgang Presents 1: Grab Nine Fresh Tracks For Free


Have you heard of the Doppelgang? If not, catch the newest tunes from this Boston-based music collective. Founded on hip hop and cutting-edge production, Doppelgang Music brings you a variety of producers and rappers with a style that will feed your future pallet. Doppelgang Presents 1 features tracks from Eli Baker, feewet, Bryan Martinez, Palmingo, and more. One of the shining tracks is the R.I.C.O. Freestyle by Bryan Martinez, who is dropping his debit mixtape Makavellian Friday March 25th. Visit for updates on the latest from Doppelgang and download Doppelgang Presents 1 here.

Listen to Doppelgang Presents on Soundcloud:

Doppelgang: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Vindata Drops Latest Video, Gives Us EXCLUSIVE Inside Look

Through Time and Space EP

Fog floats along the brittle grass, nearly dancing as the first notes of the synth blare. Suddenly, the tattered edges of long ropes are in shot, a black hooded figure pulling them into billowing clouds.

This is how Vindata’s latest video “Can’t Say No” begins. An ostensibly cheery song in composition, “Can’t Say No” was released in August 2015 along with the Through Time and Space EP.  On February 12th, nearly six months later, Pitchfork Media debuted its video on their website.

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The New Face of Excision: The Paradox


If you’ve seen Excision in the last four years you’ve probably thought his live setup, The Executioner, was one of the best in EDM. Early 2015 he announced the last tour with his executioner stage. We wondered how Excision would step his game up, and if it was even possible. following his tour he announced they were building a stage called “The Paradox.” This stage has “A face-melting 150,000 watts of PK sound,” as stated by Excision, and a 420 square foot visual display. This last Friday December 11th he unveiled it at The Myth Nightclub in Minnesota. It was one of the most stunning and mind melting experiences. Mid show Excision even managed to set off the venues fire alarms, and the show went on hold for about 15 minutes before continuing to slay the audience.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.57.43 PM

The hype is unreal! Other artists are tuning in and turning up:

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.58.13 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.58.22 PM

If you want in on this madness click here and pick a date before its too late!

Video credit: Joe Create

Excision’s: TwitterFacebook, and Soundcloud


Catch Savant at The Middle East Downstairs June 6


Savant is a unique figure in the electronic music industry. Known for his strange attitude, Guy Fawkes masks, and live performances, Savant is an artist you shouldn’t miss. Savant has a wide range of music including various remixes, drum and bass, and glitch hop. Even more impressive, Savant has consistently released full albums since 2009. His newest album, Invasion, was released via soundcloud earlier this year. I’m excited to see where Savant takes his live performance. He has been supported by the likes of deadmau5 and others as one of the most creative and innovative artists. Since Savant does not come through the U.S. very often (seeing as he is from Norway), this tour is a gem that any electronic music appreciator should get a chance to see.

Grab tickets here.

Listen to Savant on Soundcloud:

Savant: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Sam Gellaitry’s ‘Short Stories EP’ Redefines the Way We Listen to Electronic Music


Every so often some artist comes along and changes the way things work. In electronic music, this can happen a lot – one artist can invent or redefine a style and inspire hundreds more to create music based on that style. To me, Sam Gellaitry is one of those people. A year ago, Mr. Carmack was the artist everyone was astounded by, and while he still manages to impress everyone with his new tracks, other producers have managed to catch up and imitate his sound. Soulection wants to showcase “the sound of tomorrow” and through Gellaitry I would say they are succeeding in bringing something incredibly fresh to the front page. This EP is officially Sam Gellaitry’s first – before then he has only uploaded bits and pieces of music to his soundcloud. For an artist so young (18 years old) this is beyond impressive. I feel excited to see what Sam does in the next few years, and so should you and everybody else.

Listen to the EP on Soundcloud or purchase it here.

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Feed Me – Split Milk


Feed Me has dropped another song off his upcoming EP, A Giant Warrioir Descends on Tokyo. Titled, ‘Split Milk’, this song is a 4×4 track which features all the usual elements of a classic Feed Me track: adventurous synth interludes, enormous growls, wonderfully cut vocal samples. Also, this song might catch the ear of future and deep house enthusiasts (I’m sure Feed Me does not care). This release is timed interestingly with the releases of ‘Wuzzle’ and the new Spor remix. Jon Gooch is a busy man indeed.

Listen now:

Feed Me: Facebook Twitter | Soundcloud