Third Time’s a Charm for Nicolas Jaar


Anyone asking around for a spare ticket was out of luck: Nicolas Jaar had sold out the Gothic Theatre in Denver, CO. Some attendees were seeing him for the first time. Some were following his tour and had seen him multiple times that week. Many in the crowd were Spanish-speakers and had a personal connection to the Chilean-American DJ who often sings in Spanish, his native language.

The artist came onto a hazy, back-lit stage in an unassuming hoodie and ball-cap. Using an upright synth set-up reminiscent of a switchboard, he began a slow build of experimental layering. A mesh of high distorted instrumental samples reached a climax, flickered, and broke into intense deep house.


Nicolas Jaar is known for his improvisational style, sometimes playing unprepared music for hours.  Constantly changing tempos and incorporating a menagerie of influences, Jaar’s music was incredibly interactive. Often playing at an unusual 80 b.p.m., his music was anything but slow. From rockabilly to African jazz to glitchy techno, the whole set was diverse and memorable.

Denver wasn’t ready to let Nicolas go after the set. He came back on for a first encore, continuing his rolling house and deep, driving beats.

The second encore was entirely experimental improvisation.

The third encore began with his iconic “Mi Mujer” on which he sings in Spanish and kept everyone shuffling to the last note.

Do not pass up an opportunity to see this great artist live. His newest album,  Sirens, was released in September of this year on his label Other People.

Rick Wade Goes Deep in Denver

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Detroit house legend Rick Wade made his Colorado debut thanks to Deep Club and the Playground. Accompanied by fitting acts like Roger That & John Tyler, DJ Drew, and Ponyrok, the balanced show played well into the next morning.

Hosted at 1010 Workshop in the Baker district, this intimate venue was an ideal setting for the dedicated deep house fans that came out from the woodwork for this Detroit legend. Hours of underground house kept people shuffling in a hazy basement, where all lights except the glow of old TV sets and lights over the record stacks were discouraged. It was impossible not to get lost in the seamless sets as Rick Wade’s driving basslines and disco samples tend to encourage.

The commitment to playing music for music’s sake and the authenticity of a (literally) underground show combined beautifully with a crowd that came ready to dance all night. We hope that Rick Wade returns to Denver soon to keep the grooves coming.


Getting Punked: The Night PunkPhunk Changed My Life


Welcome to the fourth installment of Talk Tuesdays, in which I post a conversation with an artist or someone affiliated with the electronic music industry for your viewing pleasure.


You never know which moment will alter your life forever.

Of course, a feeling might overcome you during major life milestones – walking to the podium on graduation day, perhaps; seeing your college dorm for the first time, maybe. But other moments may not be so obvious- you might stumble into them, at the right place, at the right time. That’s how it was for me when I met Miguel Maldonado. Continue reading



Welcome to the third installment of Talk Tuesdays, in which I post a conversation with an artist or someone affiliated with the electronic music industry for your viewing pleasure.

When I first stumbled upon Nhan Solo’s hour-long mix for Amsterdam’s Boom Room, I thought, “You gotta be kidding me.” Both the music and the name had me intrigued- energetic, deep house sounds dished out by an obviously Star Wars-obsessed fan? Underground meets outer space? Count me in – I quickly delved into the artist and his label, Mother Recordings, scooping up as much music as I could to inspire my own mixes with fresh heat.

Fast forward a few months, and things got even weirder. As it turned out, Nhan Solo was embarking on a tour of the Americas, and he was coming to San Francisco! Thanks to a dear friend of mine who so kindly introduced us, I was afforded the opportunity to sit down with this elusive character. The following pages consist of my conversation with him on a rooftop in SoMa, SF, as he meticulously cut a watermelon and I sipped on some cider.

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Ghastly’s Hello Festival Season Mix Will Have You Dancing [Tracklist]


Ghastly is a new force in the house game – I recently saw Ghastly for the first time at Camp Bisco and was impressed with his DJ skills and song choice. This dude knows how to DJ. I took a peek at Ghastly’s soundcloud today and really dug some of his tracks – if I had to choose an artist Ghastly is very similar to, it is Jauz. Ghastly’s song repertoire includes both great remixes and originals. His remix of Bitch You Guessed It (dubbed ‘Bitch You Ghastly’) is great, as well as his original track ‘Shock Value’ with Dirty Doses. For the summer festival season, Ghastly has put out a killer mix called ‘Hello Festival Season. This mix shows off a variety of great future house as well as some awesome unreleased stuff from Ghastly including his collaboration with Jauz and another track with Brillz.

Listen to the mix below:

Ghastly: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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Zeds Dead & Oliver Heldens Release Groovy Future House Track, ‘You Know’


Hot off the presses: popular artists Zeds Dead and Oliver Heldens collab on a new track, ‘You Know’. Zeds Dead has been delving into some deep sounds on their most recent EP, Somewhere Else. A notable song for the duo’s new style is ‘Lost You’, which features future house style bass with a slow tempo and catchy lyrics. Proving they’re not just showing off their ability to produce outside of dubstep, now Zeds Dead has teamed up with Heldens to push and further define the emerging popular house subgenre. ‘You Know’ will surely be stuck in my head as I go through the rest of the day – hope you get a listen and enjoy!

Listen to ‘You Know’ now:

Zeds Dead: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Oliver Heldens: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Wuki Releases Diplo & Friends Mix [Tracklist & Free Download]


Wuki is about 30 years old and, with support from OWSLA and Mad Decent, has brought his new, future style to the game as of late. Releasing a mix for Diplo and Friends is probably the best way to solidify yourself as an artist – with a huge listener base plus direct support from Diplo, a Diplo & Friends mix is basically gold for an underground (not much longer) producer such as Wuki. This mix features Wuki’s signiture sond plus music from Jesse Slayter, Doctor Jeep, and a load of new music, bootlegs, and remixes. Go to the bottom of this post for a full tracklist, and make sure to check out more of Wuki’s mixes here.

Listen to the mix here and download for free:

Wuki: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud Continue reading

Chill Out with Big Gigantic’s Winter Chill Mix


Big Gigantic has a good taste for new music. Their newest mix, called the “Winter Chill Mix” features mostly chill music, namely deep house and futuristic beats. Included in the mix is Big Gigantic’s remix of “Faded” and a ton of other new tracks from artists such as Odeza, Lido, and Louis Futon. Compared to their previous mix for diplo and friends, this one is significantly chiller (hence the name). Go to the bottom of this post or check out the soundcloud description for a full tracklist.

Listen to the Winter Chill Mix and download for free here:

Big Gigantic: Facebook  | Twitter | Soundcloud

Winter Chill Mix Tracklist: Continue reading

Disclosure and Wild Life Crew Set the New Year off Right


Out of the many popular New Year Eve shows New York City had to offer, a few Malaysian Safari animals attended the biggest deep house party of the night.  Held at Pier 94, Wild Life was a 10 hour event featuring the deep house legends themselves, Disclosure, as well as special guests, Claude VonStroke, Dusky, Ten Walls, Kyle Hall, and Isaac Tichauer.

Pier 94 was beautifully adorned with winter wonderland decorations, immediately creating a magically atmosphere.  With light-up Christmas trees located near the entrance and light-up icicles hanging from the ceiling, this venue gave off good vibes the second we walked in.  Starting off the show, Isaac Tichauer greeted us with mellow, soft deep house.  While casually listening to Tichauer’s set, people socialized and hung out in the venue, waiting for a larger crowd to arrive.  Next, Kyle Hall took the stage next, increasing the volume and the size of the crowd.  We arrived pretty early, giving us the opportunity to take the rail, a prime location to be at for midnight.  As Dusky came on, more people filled into the front, creating a much more lively crowd.  Dusky’s set really got the crowd moving, a great way to open for the deep house gods we all came to see.

A deep house set after deep house set may all sound kind of the same, but nothing compares to the set Disclosure put on at Wild Life.  The entirety of the show so far has just been building up to this moment.  While Disclosure’s performance was just a DJ set, the English brothers played a generous two and a half hour set!  First, Disclosure opened with one of their best songs When A Fire Starts To Burn.  


The crowd energy was high and everyone was just about ready for the new year.  Disclosure displayed a countdown behind them as they were DJing, pumping up the crowd for midnight.  When the clock hit 00:00:00, smoke blew into the air, balloons and confetti fell from the sky, and everyone was celebrating.  This was by far the largest party I have ever been a part of.  As a crowd, we managed to keep the balloons flying through the air for at least an hour.  Everyone was in a good mood; people were celebrating the new year with their loved ones, best friends, and new friends of that night.

As for Disclosure’s set, I was blown away.20150101_003510 Some songs, I couldn’t even comprehend.  Their production is so advanced, NYC didn’t know what was coming for them.  In addition, the light show was incredible.  Pier 94 is a great venue for an awing light show. Of course at the end of their set, Disclosure played Latch and the crowd sang together their most popularized song.



While everyone was exhausted from Disclosure’s set, the crowd didn’t stop moving when Claude VonStroke came on stage.  The deep house party continued and energy in the air was still very high!  Claude VonStroke played a great set and introduced us to new unreleased music.  Next, Ten Walls came on.  At this point in the night, you would think NYC would be tired of deep house, but no.  While the crowd emptied out a bit, most people were still going hard to this sexy music.  Those who stayed until 3:50 got to experience the wonderful surprise of Skrillex showing up on stage.  This was the most exciting part of the show for me.  Coming straight from Jack U’s set at Madison Square Garden, Skrillex came on stage during Ten Walls and wished Pier 94 a happy New Year.


While it’s tough to see, here is a picture of Skrillex on stage with Ten Walls

After Ten Walls, Thalab played from 4:30 am to 6:00 am, closing Wild Life NYE.  By this time of the night, everyone was exhausted but a few stragglers were still left, dancing to endless deep house.  Wild Life NYE was by far one of the best ways to start of the new year for Malaysian Safari.  Not only was it incredible to be in one for the best cities of the world for one of the greatest nights of the year, but we got to celebrate the beginning of the new year with our best friends while listening to incredibly talented DJs.  Thank you, Disclosure and Wild Life crew for an unforgettable night.


Malaysian Safari in our natural habitat- Wild Life NYE

 Disclosure: Facebook • Soundcloud • Twitter • Instagram

SAFARI SOUNDS 001 – Our New Mix Series


This is the first of a series of mixes we’ll be releasing through Malaysian Safari. We want to bring you the newest, hottest tunes and share our favorite tracks with the world. We also hope to have guest mixes from artists – if you’re interested in putting out a mix with us feel free to email us at Hope you like it – we included some new, underground shit as well as some classics (old dillon francis!). Stay tuned every few weeks for a new volume of SAFARI SOUNDS.

Listen to the mix and download for free:

mixed by feewet: Website Soundcloud | Facebook  Continue reading