Bass to the Face With Delta Heavy and Apashe

Drum-and-base artists Apashe and Delta Heavy destroyed at Beta Nightclub in Denver on Friday night. The state-of-the-art sound system at Beta was the perfect setting for the bass-heavy show. The high octane sets kept everyone head banging for hours.

John De Buck (Apashe) recently released his first album “Copter Boy” on Kannibalen Records. The debut LP features eleven tracks, numerous collaborations, significant hip-hop and electro influences, and a whole lot of wubs. As a part of the album tour, he played the show wearing the signature copter snapback from his album art. Apashe’s visuals included a psychedelic melting Morty of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty” in the style of Blockhead’s “The Music Scene“.

Normally consisting of both Ben Hall and Simon James, Hall played solo to represent the London duo Delta Heavy. Hall regaled the crowd with the tale of his last set at Beta where he left on a stretcher after hitting his head on the glass partition of the DJ booth. Nine stitches later, we’re happy to say there was no such accident this time around and the scar has all but vanished.

Both artists loved the responsive crowd and ideal venue. It’s safe to say that Denver was a memorable city for both DJs on their individual tours. You can catch Delta Heavy and Apashe in a number of US cities before they head out of the states later in the holiday season.



Spor Drops Album ‘Caligo’ for Free, Talks Feed Me and His Label in Reddit AMA


Jon Gooch is the millennium man of electronic music.

It’s not even funny how much of a genius Gooch seems to be. For him to juggle multiple music personas is one thing, but to be a philosopher, found a label, and design a live, interactive light show is another story. Jon is straightforward about his feelings towards music. He is honest with his fans and has yet to leave them dissapointed. ‘Dissapointed’ is how fans of Gooch’s previous project, “Spor”, would have been if he never brought Spor back. But he did, and in the greatest way possible.

“My debut album Caligo is out NOW and you can pay for it or not pay for it here:

Says Jon over his facebook page. This is how albums are released by honest, artists who are true to themselves and their fans. Spor’s following is either going to torrent Caligo or pay for it. So why not do both in the same place? Hosted directly on the bittorrent website are all the parts of Spor’s music fans could ask for. Not only can you find the link to the torrent file here, but you can also stream every song on the album for free. Included is a “pay what you want” option, offering premium files to Jon’s truest, “wealthiest” fans. Here’s the link again:

Spor: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

In conjunction with the album release, Jon also did a Reddit AMA where he answered all of his fan’s questions, resulting in a more intimate look into the mind of Jon Gooch.  This AMA is great – it ranges from very serious questions about Spor, Feed Me, and Sotto Voce, to ones such as “Do you ever use the phrase “GOOCH IS IN YA COOCH” when having sex ?”. Be sure to check out the AMA here if you’re interested in hearing more about Jon’s album, future projects, and personal questions.

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