Zomboy And Dr. Ozi To Tear Down HOB On The Rott n’ Roll Tour

This Thursday, August 25th the House of Blues is going to errupt with bass when Zomboy takes over the stage for his Rott n’ Roll tour. Dr. Ozi will no doubt be throwing some filthy beats to prep the crowd for Zomboy’s set. As summer comes to an end, you don’t want to miss an epic show from two powerhouse artists.

Toronto-based Nix Chohan has been on the rise since his first release in 2011. Over the last 5 years, his releases on Firepower and Buygore have earned him international recognition and a solid reputation for turning up the crowd with his heavy synth and bass music.

Dr. Ozi’s latest EP “Blue Print” was released 4 months back and has some interesting sources of inspiration. The first uplifiting song on the Ep “Johnny” was inspired by his love for Johnny Bravo as a child. Looking up to the character’s womanizing skills and confidence, he wanted to convey that in this unique bouncy dub track.

Check it out below:

The EP also features more grimy songs like “Mr Green”, that features quirky vocals brilliantly offset by his signature head banging synths.

We hope to see you at the House of Blues for this end of summer banger that’s going to turn the crowd wild. Stay tuned for an exclusive Malaysan Safari interview with the dubstep master Dr. Ozi.




Reunited with my Daddies: Jack Ü at 1015 Folsom

Cute rendition of my daddies

Oh, Wednesdays. Halfway through a dreary work week for most, they serve as a beacon of hope that better days are in store (namely, Friday and Saturday). Society embraces and cherishes Wednesdays- more for what they symbolize as “hump days,” rather than for what they actually entail. Perhaps that means a cozy night-in with Modern Family playing familiarly in the background, maybe some Chinese takeout in a half-satisfied belly.

But can this include a wild rager in San Francisco, speakers blaring a mix of bass-heavy music, extending into the wee hours of a Thursday? With none other than Jack Ü? Preposterous! Or… is it?

Let me break it to you, my sweet readers. No, this is not a wet dream I fabricated to inspire jealousy within the hearts of the responsible, who diligently set their alarm clocks as they tucked into bed at a reasonable hour this past Wednesday night. Instead, I want to share with you my weeknight reality at 1015 Folsom. A countdown, pretty pictures, and a dancing Skrillex included.

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PANTyRAiD Drops Monster New Track in Preparation for Upcoming Album Release


The electronic duo PANTyRAiD, made up of MARTyPARTy  (Martin Folb) and Ooah (Josh Mayer) of the powerhouse supergroup The Glitch Mob, have been destroying dance floors since 2009. In preparation for their new album which drops April 29th, they have given us a sneak peak of what’s in store and have also announced a 2016 tour. If you get a chance to see these guys I highly recommend it, their bass heavy sound is simple yet innovative, and their performances rare. Check it.

Pre order their upcoming album Afterglow right here:


Doppelgang Presents 1: Grab Nine Fresh Tracks For Free


Have you heard of the Doppelgang? If not, catch the newest tunes from this Boston-based music collective. Founded on hip hop and cutting-edge production, Doppelgang Music brings you a variety of producers and rappers with a style that will feed your future pallet. Doppelgang Presents 1 features tracks from Eli Baker, feewet, Bryan Martinez, Palmingo, and more. One of the shining tracks is the R.I.C.O. Freestyle by Bryan Martinez, who is dropping his debit mixtape Makavellian Friday March 25th. Visit http://doppelgangmusic.com for updates on the latest from Doppelgang and download Doppelgang Presents 1 here.

Listen to Doppelgang Presents on Soundcloud:

Doppelgang: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

DONUTS & DRIPMOB: A Day with Charlie Davis

Welcome to the second installment of Talk Tuesdays, where I post a conversation with an artist or someone affiliated with the electronic music industry for your viewing pleasure. 


A crisp breeze drifts through the bustling streets of Berkeley, California. Its path, meandering along the boulevards lined with souvenir stores and sushi restaurants, makes its way to us through the door of the donut shop. “It’s kinda cold, do you wanna dip?” asks the deep voice across from me.

“In a bit,” I respond. I had just been enjoying an afternoon snack with Charlie Davis. Known to many as one half of Dripmob, a duo of local, up-and-coming music producers represented by Way Less Effort, his identity as a college student is clear to me. He certainly looks the part: he leans back, revealing the extent of his shiny, emerald green zip-up, tan chinos, and a black baseball cap. In between bites of his freshly glazed pastry, he shares his experience at the University of California.

“I’ve been here all my life,” the now 21-year-old senior reflects. It’s true- he grew up in the East Bay, attended Berkeley High School with his Dripmob partner Manolis Suega, and transferred to Cal for college. He’s eaten at the best pizza places – Cheeseboard, if you’re curious- and walked all along Shattuck Ave. He goes on, explaining that although the campus is mixed with eclecticism that creates a diverse, booming community, he has visions in mind that go beyond the borders of this historically hippie town. He explains, “I want to check out LA.” Understandably so- the music scene down in Southern California is booming.

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Vindata Drops Latest Video, Gives Us EXCLUSIVE Inside Look

Through Time and Space EP

Fog floats along the brittle grass, nearly dancing as the first notes of the synth blare. Suddenly, the tattered edges of long ropes are in shot, a black hooded figure pulling them into billowing clouds.

This is how Vindata’s latest video “Can’t Say No” begins. An ostensibly cheery song in composition, “Can’t Say No” was released in August 2015 along with the Through Time and Space EP.  On February 12th, nearly six months later, Pitchfork Media debuted its video on their website.

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The New Face of Excision: The Paradox


If you’ve seen Excision in the last four years you’ve probably thought his live setup, The Executioner, was one of the best in EDM. Early 2015 he announced the last tour with his executioner stage. We wondered how Excision would step his game up, and if it was even possible. following his tour he announced they were building a stage called “The Paradox.” This stage has “A face-melting 150,000 watts of PK sound,” as stated by Excision, and a 420 square foot visual display. This last Friday December 11th he unveiled it at The Myth Nightclub in Minnesota. It was one of the most stunning and mind melting experiences. Mid show Excision even managed to set off the venues fire alarms, and the show went on hold for about 15 minutes before continuing to slay the audience.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.57.43 PM

The hype is unreal! Other artists are tuning in and turning up:

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.58.13 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 4.58.22 PM

If you want in on this madness click here and pick a date before its too late!

Video credit: Joe Create

Excision’s: TwitterFacebook, and Soundcloud


Josh Pan & Medasin Return With Yet Another Heater


After releasing nearly one track a day for an inhuman amount of time and then dipping into radio silence, Josh Pan is starting to put his name back on the map. His most recent collaboration with Medasin and Xian & Gaszia featuring his own notorious vocals is sure to heat up trap sets for the coming months. Look out for a whirlwind of more Josh Pan releases, and if you haven’t already dig into Medasin’s juicy Soundcloud full of synthwave bangers.

Josh Pan | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Medasin | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Gaszia | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Xian | Soundcloud

Mr. Carmack Drops his Official Discography on Bandcamp for Free


That’s right. All of it. The humble Hawaiian legend, Aaron Carmack, has temporarily released his entire (official) discography on Bandcamp for ‘name your own price’. While many of Carmack’s prehistoric experimental tracks can only be heard on this Secret Gems Soundcloud account, you can scoop all 12 of his game-changing EP’s at full 320 kbps in handful of mouse clicks. And if that’s still not enough ‘mack for you, look forward to the release of his Red EP this month which includes the monstrous track, ‘Solutions with Donnis‘.

Mr. Carmack is undoubtably the most influential trap artist out there, constantly pushing the envelope for both turn up and turn down music. Swooning over 200,000 followers in under two years, along with the endless support from big names in the industry such as What So Not, Diplo, and more, this dude has undeniably earned his spot at the big boys table.

| Download His Discography Here |

Mr. Carmack | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter