Don’t Miss Thriftworks @ WONDERBAR in Allston, MA Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ethereal, mysterious, psychedelic, and eclectic are some of the words used to describe Thriftworks’ unique sound. Jake Atlas AKA Thriftworks started making music when he was just sixteen, living in his hometown of Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. He moved to the East Bay of CA in the fall of 2008 to attend Ex’pression College for Digital Arts. He now lives with two roommates who he closely collaborates with. Jacob Van Leeuwen, aka Jake Lion creates all of Atlas’ album artwork and Diamond Harris, aka Mythicalifornian is a rapper he has worked with since 2009. Harris’ voice is featured in a few of Thriftworks’ songs, although so distorted it can be hard to recognize as even human. This mutilation of sound is what makes Thriftworks’ music so mythical and intriguing.

His latest album; The Feather and the Sword brings listeners through a unique journey with every song having it’s own special character. A magical foundation of bass, along with multiple bizarre and trippy layers of vocal samples come together to create a sonic adventure. This album has a more tribal feel than his other songs, deeply rooted in percussion and featuring several flute like samples that carry through the album. Each song has a meditative, calming beat that drives and unites the rest of the melodic samples. Bone Roaster’s anthem stood out to me in terms of rhythm and repetition that sends you into a trance like state. Ultimately, this is a meditative album that explores both the recognizable and unrecognizable sounds of nature. The last song of the EP; Vanilla Pea Milker is the most liquid and mesmerizing of them all. The rhythm is much more subtle in this song, with soft vibrations of a distant guitar, bells and synths that later come in to drive the song to a blissful conclusion.

After releasing this album, Thriftworks is touring through the US and is playing at Wonderbar in Allston, on April 16th. Tickets are just $12 – a steal for the incredible experience his live performance will be. Grab your tickets now, this is a concert you don’t want to miss.


Check out his latest album below:

Listen to Pham & Sober Rob “Albi” ft. Madi

This track blends a beautiful vocal performance by Albi and the intricate production skills of Sober Rob & Pham. We’re big fans of Sober Rob here at Malaysian Safari, check out our previous article to hear some of the best songs by Sober Rob. Pham is a less-familiar name so we did some research. Pham is a Polish producer who has been releasing music for no more than a year. We specifically like the track, “Talk To Me (ft Anuka)” – listen to the song here.The decision to team up with Sober Rob, an equally new producer, exemplifies the value of young, talented minds.

This song, as released on Zeds Dead’s label, Deadbeats Records, marks a huge step towards Sober Rob and Pham’s visibility as artists. Clearly Deadbeats is investing in fresh, diverse artists so looking forward to hearing more – in the meantime be sure to check out the artist tracks on Soundcloud and show support for these expert producers.

Sober Rob – Facebook | Twitter | Soundclound

Pham – Facebook | Twitter | Soundclound

Above & Beyond to Unveil ‘Acoustic II’ at the Wang Theatre in Boston

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.19.07 PM

That’s right. The world famous trio that brought you the acoustic rendition of two of the most influential trance albums of our time is once again returning to their instrumental roots. After the overwhelming positive response from recording a fusion of both ‘Tri-State’ and ‘Group Therapy’ as ‘Acoustic’ (their third studio album) with a live orchestra, Above & Beyond were ready to build on their success with new mesmerizing material.

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Kygo Brings the Cheese with New Single “Raging” off His Upcoming Debut Album “Cloud Nine”


Norwegian tropical house producer/DJ Kygo still hasn’t come out with a debut album and yet has over 1 million followers on soundcloud. Thanks to the likes of Odesza and Autograf, tropical house has seen a meteoric rise (almost as meteoric as the rise of Odesza themselves) and it seems the public is hungry for anything new. Honestly when this song started I had my doubts. However the tropical beats kick in fast, Irish rock band Kodalines’ vocals soar to their own unique heights and soon we are transported into a drop top, cruising down a sunny sonic highway with not a care in the world. If you hate tropical house, this won’t be the one that converts you. If you’ve been waiting patiently for Kygo’s debut album this should give you hope that his efforts won’t disapoint you and a million people and counting. Is it cheesy? Oh yes. Then again… I love the cheese. It’s a good thing to love cheese, and cheesy things. It makes life just a little more fun. So roll them windows down, light it up, and cruise your way on over to tropical house paradise.

Vindata Drops Latest Video, Gives Us EXCLUSIVE Inside Look

Through Time and Space EP

Fog floats along the brittle grass, nearly dancing as the first notes of the synth blare. Suddenly, the tattered edges of long ropes are in shot, a black hooded figure pulling them into billowing clouds.

This is how Vindata’s latest video “Can’t Say No” begins. An ostensibly cheery song in composition, “Can’t Say No” was released in August 2015 along with the Through Time and Space EP.  On February 12th, nearly six months later, Pitchfork Media debuted its video on their website.

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Daruma Drops Their Fourth Volume Of Flames


If you’ve never heard of Daruma before, we’re giving you this chance to join the hype ship before it’s roster sails it’s way to the top of festival lineups. The trap-inspired collective, started six months ago by Andrew Luce, Instant Party, Hati and more, has featured some of the biggest up and coming talent on Soundcloud right now. Exclusive releases for artists such as Dabow, Quix, Alexander Lewis, Duskus, Graves, JNTHN STEIN, Subtomik, Electric Mantis and many more populate the juicy volumes that have been steadily spreading their mark all over Soundcloud.

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Have You Heard Yellow Claw’s Epic New EP?


Yellow Claw released a dope new EP today, showcasing their new style that is noticeably more pop influenced than their previous work. Before you get turned off, you should know that it’s GOOD pop (never thought I would ever say that) but it’s true. Pusha T, Tyga, Naaz and Ty Dolla $ign are just a few of the guest artists on this EP. They use vocals to their advantage, making each song more memorable with a catchy melody to accompany their signature Yellow Claw beat. I really respect these artists for incorporating new styles into their music and making it work (while maintaining the head-banging quality fans love).

Check out the EP below on Soundcloud!


Josh Pan & Medasin Return With Yet Another Heater


After releasing nearly one track a day for an inhuman amount of time and then dipping into radio silence, Josh Pan is starting to put his name back on the map. His most recent collaboration with Medasin and Xian & Gaszia featuring his own notorious vocals is sure to heat up trap sets for the coming months. Look out for a whirlwind of more Josh Pan releases, and if you haven’t already dig into Medasin’s juicy Soundcloud full of synthwave bangers.

Josh Pan | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Medasin | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Gaszia | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Xian | Soundcloud