When A Boy & A Girl Remix Krewella’s “TH2C” (Free Download)

“I’m too high to care,” the voice proclaims. Its conviction carries through filtered vocals, passes punchy percussion and settles deep in your belly.

I remember how heavy A Boy & A Girl’s latest song hit me the first time I listened to it. Though they remixed Krewella’s “TH2C,” this duo deviates from the original in unexpected ways. Gone are the southeast-asian strings and melodic musings which contribute to Krewella’s laid-back summer tune. In its place stand rhythmic synths and crisp hi-hats that culminate into hard drops. The result? A distortion of the leading lyric from a silly remark into an ominous declaration. That purpose makes all the difference for me.

A Boy & A Girl write on their Soundcloud page that they “felt inspired by Yasmine and Jahan’s beautiful melodies and flipped them upside down into a brooding trap jungle.” A transformation in tone indubitably occurs. However, I’d argue that the remix mutates Krewella’s utopia into an epic dystopia. And in this realm, A Boy & A Girl come out on top as A King & A Queen.

But I’ll let you come to your own conclusions. Check out their song below and make sure to share the love!

<iframe width=”100%” height=”300″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/344131725&amp;color=%23ff5500&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false&amp;visual=true”></iframe>

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Don’t Miss Thriftworks @ WONDERBAR in Allston, MA Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ethereal, mysterious, psychedelic, and eclectic are some of the words used to describe Thriftworks’ unique sound. Jake Atlas AKA Thriftworks started making music when he was just sixteen, living in his hometown of Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. He moved to the East Bay of CA in the fall of 2008 to attend Ex’pression College for Digital Arts. He now lives with two roommates who he closely collaborates with. Jacob Van Leeuwen, aka Jake Lion creates all of Atlas’ album artwork and Diamond Harris, aka Mythicalifornian is a rapper he has worked with since 2009. Harris’ voice is featured in a few of Thriftworks’ songs, although so distorted it can be hard to recognize as even human. This mutilation of sound is what makes Thriftworks’ music so mythical and intriguing.

His latest album; The Feather and the Sword brings listeners through a unique journey with every song having it’s own special character. A magical foundation of bass, along with multiple bizarre and trippy layers of vocal samples come together to create a sonic adventure. This album has a more tribal feel than his other songs, deeply rooted in percussion and featuring several flute like samples that carry through the album. Each song has a meditative, calming beat that drives and unites the rest of the melodic samples. Bone Roaster’s anthem stood out to me in terms of rhythm and repetition that sends you into a trance like state. Ultimately, this is a meditative album that explores both the recognizable and unrecognizable sounds of nature. The last song of the EP; Vanilla Pea Milker is the most liquid and mesmerizing of them all. The rhythm is much more subtle in this song, with soft vibrations of a distant guitar, bells and synths that later come in to drive the song to a blissful conclusion.

After releasing this album, Thriftworks is touring through the US and is playing at Wonderbar in Allston, on April 16th. Tickets are just $12 – a steal for the incredible experience his live performance will be. Grab your tickets now, this is a concert you don’t want to miss.

Tickets: http://www.ticketfly.com/event/1448394-thriftworks-allston/

Check out his latest album below:

Classy $avage Premieres ‘This Is It’ Music Video

Classy Savage

Everyone loves a savage. This 19 year old Boston rapper just dropped a feel-good music video for his track, ‘This Is It’, directed by Hal Hyatt (halhyatt.com). Catch good vibes and shots of Boston that will make you feel like it’s a classy summer. Be sure to find Classy $avage on Soundcloud, Twitter, and Instagram.

Classy $avage: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

Upcoming Above and Beyond Tour Will Blow Your Mind


Trance fans out there, listen up. Above and Beyond are touring right now and you don’t want to miss their show! The tour began 28th of April in London and they will soon come to deliver their incredible sound to the US. For those who are unfamiliar, Above and Beyond is a British trio consisting of Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamäki. They are extremely well known and respected in the electronic music world, and also are the creators of the notable Anjunabeats label.

On 19th January, they released their latest album called We Are All We Need, which blew away fans with it’s ethereal quality. With a strong emphasis on angelic vocals and progressive chords, this album spoke to the souls of many and was a huge success. “We’re All We Need” feat Zoë Johnston was a notable gem in the collection that received over 5 million views on Youtube.

They also have a awesome radio show which was recently renamed to Group Therapy. Each new episode full of their favorite trance selections is followed by many trance heads who listen to it religiously; reaching 30 million fans in 35 countries every week. Take a listen to episode 114, which is the We Are All We Need album special (you won’t regret it).

On Saturday the 18th of October, they made history and became the first British DJs to headline New York’s legendary Madison Square GardenAll 13,000 tickets were sold out in several minutes; people did not want to miss the life changing experience of experiencing Above and Beyond’s magic. Recently, they have even been doing entirely acoustic performances with a live orchestra that is apparently mind-blowing. They never stop reaching for the stars by constantly developing their sound and embracing their true potential.

Above and Beyond aren’t just about producing songs, its more than that. They create experiences that unite people from all over the world. Come to their next show and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Get your tickets and see tour dates here



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Bear Grillz Rises to The Top



The Paradox Tour just concluded on March 25th in Kansas City, Bear Grillz toured with Excision and Figure. This tour has been the breaking out for Bear Grillz as an artist, signed with Firepower Records. He made a break into the EDM scene after his first EP release in 2014.

Concluding the tour, his fan group has grown immensely to across North America as well as other continents across the world. Along with the growing popularity of this artist, people have been asking who is Bear Grillz? This 28 year old’s identity has remained a secret while wearing a bear costume since starting this adventure. Before embarking on his adventure as an artist, Bear Grillz managed multiple other producers and has done collaborations with people big and small. Only a select few have been able to see the Bear exposed, and if pictures are requested, he covers his face to make sure his identity remains a mystery. Recently several fans got tickets to the Bear Grillz reveal on the Jerry Springer show to be aired in the coming months.

This dubstep artist has been releasing many new songs during the tour and has announced that his EP Mo Honey Mo Problems including 4 songs. The song Going Down (Under) premiered on April 8th and will be included in his upcoming EP release. Concluding touring with Excision, Bear Grillz will be doing a short Australian Tour mid-April also announcing several tour dates across North America. He has already been booked in large festivals such as Dancefestopia and others to be announced.

Malaysian Safari is excited to see the future of Bear Grillz this summer and in the future.

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Doppelgang Releases ‘Doppelgang Presents 2’ [Free Download]


Doppelgang is giving us another treat: 10 more free tracks from their featured artists. Including production from palmingo, feewet, michael and raps by Doppelgangers AceTheKidd, Eli Baker, and Bryan Martinez. Our favorite track from this one is “Kiss Kiss”, a hip-hop version of Lido’s remix of the original track. This song shows the unique ability of Doppelgang to mesh club music with hip hop. Only expect more stellar content from the group in the future and be sure to follow Doppelgang on Soundcloud and Facebook and check out their website, doppelgangmusic.com

Download ‘Doppelgang Presents 2’ for free here.

If you missed out last time, check out Doppelgang Presents 1 here.

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The New What So Not x GANZ Collab You’ve Been Waiting For



Brand new banger alert! Legendary artists GANZ and What So Not have come out with a fresh new tune, and trust me when I say it is fire. New single from What So Not & GANZ ‘Lone’ (feat. JOY.)’ is available on OWSLA this Friday 4/8. Beautiful melodic vocals paired with a mastery of delicious synths make this song a definite keeper. This is the first release by What So Not post-Flume and he certainly did not disappoint. With a huge 2016 tour schedule, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for the future.

Do yourself a favor. Kick back, relax and check out the new release below!


deadmau5 and Attlas Drop ‘Bad at Titles’


In a surprising drop on deadmau5’s fuckmylife soundcloud account, a new track featuring his label signee Attlas has appeared titled ‘Bad at Titles’. Tap into deadmau5 at any time at his streaming site, live.deadmau5.com. Stream the song now on Soundcloud:

deadmau5 – Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Kygo Brings the Cheese with New Single “Raging” off His Upcoming Debut Album “Cloud Nine”


Norwegian tropical house producer/DJ Kygo still hasn’t come out with a debut album and yet has over 1 million followers on soundcloud. Thanks to the likes of Odesza and Autograf, tropical house has seen a meteoric rise (almost as meteoric as the rise of Odesza themselves) and it seems the public is hungry for anything new. Honestly when this song started I had my doubts. However the tropical beats kick in fast, Irish rock band Kodalines’ vocals soar to their own unique heights and soon we are transported into a drop top, cruising down a sunny sonic highway with not a care in the world. If you hate tropical house, this won’t be the one that converts you. If you’ve been waiting patiently for Kygo’s debut album this should give you hope that his efforts won’t disapoint you and a million people and counting. Is it cheesy? Oh yes. Then again… I love the cheese. It’s a good thing to love cheese, and cheesy things. It makes life just a little more fun. So roll them windows down, light it up, and cruise your way on over to tropical house paradise.