What So WHAT? What So Not Drops Newest Remix

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Presenting the newest work from the Australian producer What So Not:

I’ve unearthed a piece of juicy gossip for you.

Are you ready?

Flume left What So Not.

Okay, so this might not be the scoop of the year (after all, Flume announced the breakup of the duo in a Facebook post dated February 21, 2015 ). This was of course shocking to me, given that I did not even realize Flume had participated in the project to begin with. After all, I admit, I only started listening to What So Not’s music post-Gemini – guess my hipster card is revoked- when the mention of Flume’s name in association with Emoh Instead was nevermore on a fan’s lips. But simmering in my own ignorance is not why they pay me the big bucks around here.

Since I saw What So Not’s name on the Snow Globe festival roster and became deeply disappointed that I missed out on Emoh’s New Year’s spectacle, I’ve been keeping my eye out for new singles, recuts, anything. And now, I share with you the fruits of my labor, as well as What So Not’s: a remix of Innerbloom by RÜFÜS DU SOL.

Again, this information I’m releasing comes with some context. Emoh dropped this at his New Year’s Eve show, and since then, star-struck users have uploaded bootleg versions to Soundcloud and YouTube. But the version I’ve included below is now the official released content. Take a listen to it, and then compare with RÜFÜS’s for good measure. What I’ve found is that Emoh’s version (as it is currently being credited as his own creation, and not the lovechild of him and Flume) is a condensed version of the dreamy journey RÜFÜS originally embarks on. Slightly more rhythmic and hard-hitting, featuring some of rock’s aggressive characteristics such as the use of the electric guitar, the remix almost means to express for Emoh: I’m here and I’m a force to be reckoned with. Anyway, don’t mind that jabber and find out for yourself.

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