Reunited with my Daddies: Jack Ü at 1015 Folsom

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Cute rendition of my daddies

Oh, Wednesdays. Halfway through a dreary work week for most, they serve as a beacon of hope that better days are in store (namely, Friday and Saturday). Society embraces and cherishes Wednesdays- more for what they symbolize as “hump days,” rather than for what they actually entail. Perhaps that means a cozy night-in with Modern Family playing familiarly in the background, maybe some Chinese takeout in a half-satisfied belly.

But can this include a wild rager in San Francisco, speakers blaring a mix of bass-heavy music, extending into the wee hours of a Thursday? With none other than Jack Ü? Preposterous! Or… is it?

Let me break it to you, my sweet readers. No, this is not a wet dream I fabricated to inspire jealousy within the hearts of the responsible, who diligently set their alarm clocks as they tucked into bed at a reasonable hour this past Wednesday night. Instead, I want to share with you my weeknight reality at 1015 Folsom. A countdown, pretty pictures, and a dancing Skrillex included.

One Week Before

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 4.45.46 PM

It all started with a fateful text I received from my dear best friend literally a week earlier. As depicted above, not much debate was necessary to get me to say yes (which, if you know me at all, is a very rare occurrence- anything for Jack Ü, though). Tickets bought, with money still left in the bank for rager necessities (our lawyers suggest that I do not elaborate this information), there was nothing left to do but wait- the most difficult step of this journey.

One Day Before

As luck would have it, the aforementioned dear friend’s parents left town for a few days. So, naturally, not throwing a house party with 50+ people would have been a damn shame, almost a waste of the good fortune that befell us. Yes, it was the Tuesday before the night for which we had all been preparing ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually… but there exist few opportunities in this life to rage on an isolated farm in Half Moon Bay. And the property featured a hot tub! Why not pregame a bit for Jack Ü?

12 Hours Before

As you can imagine, this was a great decision at the time, terrible decision in retrospect. I went to bed at 3:30 am, and my dear (and very trashed) friend went to bed at 6 am. We both had work we were planning to catch up on so that we could enjoy the Jack Ü party, guilt-free, which of course we were in no condition to complete. Though sleep-deprived with a splitting headache, my spirits still soared.

2 Hours Before

Dear friend picked my boyfriend and I up from the Stanford dorms, and once all extremities were safely inside the vehicle, we took off into the night. Light conversation carried us into San Francisco- we were saving our energy for the dance floor.

30 Minutes Before

Team Ezy was tearing it up on the decks when we walked into 1015 Folsom. “Street” by NIGHTMARE reverberated around the club, hitting everyone in attendance with its familiar hard hitting sounds. Team Ezy was perfectly riling the crowd up in anticipation for Jack Ü’s set.

30 Seconds Before

I caught Diplo’s perfectly mussy, blonde, beautiful head peeking out from stage-right, and I knew- it was time. The lights dimmed a bit as he made his way towards the decks, followed by a slightly smaller-in-stature figure with long black hair… you guessed it, the one and only Skrillex. A yellow screen with the letter “Ü” scribbled in the middle popped up. Suddenly, an electronic take on the “Imperial March” from Star Wars blared on the speakers and you knew, shit was about to get real, real fast.

Jack Ü opened with this minimalist, yet happy image

Jack Ü opened with this minimalist, yet happy image

What followed was perhaps the highest energy show I’ve attended in my life (and there have been quite a few of those knock-your-socks off experience in my day, let me tell you). Skrillex and Diplo would just not give us a break. Banger after banger after banger, they had us on our toes, out of our minds, and in bass heaven. That last sentence contained only a minuscule amount of hyperbole, because let me tell you: when I saw Diplo, who was literally standing on the decks in front of Skrillex, lift his shirt to wipe the sweat off his face- I think my soul separated from my body and ascended into the black ceiling of the club.

And don’t even get me started on Skrillex’s incredible stage presence. Not only did he throw it down sonically, but his bobbing around on the decks also reignited my long-lost, adolescent infatuation for him. When processing this event in the car ride home, dear friend wholeheartedly agreed that his dancing around was the highlight of the event. I’ve seen him before at Outside Lands, and I knew what he was capable of, but the nearly three hour set Skrillex powered through leaves me with new reverence for the mastery of his craft.

I wish I could relay to you the songs they played, the transitions they mixed, but I was so enveloped in the overall lituation (lit situation, for those new to the scene or my lame vocabulary) that I in all honesty can’t even convey it now, only two days later. I remember that they played all of their hits, especially “Mind” because Skrillex actually sang on stage… the rest is sort of a euphoric blur… but what I can definitely show you all is the Malaysian Safari Snapchat Story for the night. Hopefully you can grasp a bit of the transformative experience instead of hearing me blab on even more about this adventure.

In summary: though I came to the club expecting music for my body, I walked out with two new daddies in my heart.

Check out the gallery below for all the shots I took!


  • Jack Ü opened with this minimalist, yet happy image
  • Cute rendition of my daddies
  • Ayy lmao us gettin’ it
  • OWSLA reppin’
  • Skrillex on DECK
  • Dear friend looks how I feel
  • By the time the show was over…
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