Above & Beyond’s Acoustic Show Is One For The Books

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With the looming approach of their second ever acoustic album, Acoustic II, the world-famous trio Above & Beyond have taken to the streets to bring their fans a sensational orchestral experience unlike any other. Their show is specially crafted for iconic performing arts venues such as the Sydney Opera House and London’s Royal Albert Hall, not to mention it’s recent debut at the Wang Theater in Boston.


As Tony McGuinness mentioned during their show, the group was nervous about taking their first leap of faith with the first acoustic album since it was largely unheard of for electronic producers to transcribe their music into a classically arranged band. It was something they never thought they could do. The audience, consisting of a massive diversity in culture, age, and stereotype, embraced the new perspective on the music they know and love with open arms by chiming along to some of their favorites. With an 18 piece band comprised of 4 stellar vocalists, two drummers, acoustic bass & guitar, a string section (including a harp!) as well as many other talented musicians, the group conjured massive swells and beautifully orchestrated crescendos that impressively complimented their already heart-wrenching music.

To top it off, Above & Beyond brings a breathtaking light show with the tour that only exemplifies the magic in their deeply emotional content. They utilize thematic lyrical concepts such as the highs and lows of life and the invigorating yet heart wrenching power of love among many other powerful messages scattered throughout their songs, highlighting the passion in their music.


Their new album, Acoustic II is set to be released on their label, Anjunabeats one June 3rd. There are a handful of remaining tour dates with limited tickets available, so be sure to check their website to see if you can catch some of the excitement!

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