Dubstep king Doctor P discusses plans to start a duo with Flux Pavillion and more in his latest interview.

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We recently had the chance to speak with one of the original dubstep godfathers before his set at the DNA lounge in San Francisco. Shaun Brockhurst is a English dubstep producer who goes by the name Doctor P, and is most notable known for his songs “Tetris” and “Flying Spaghetti Monster”. He had much to say about the influences in his career, exciting plans for the future and the origins of his name.  Read on to find out more about this talented and unique artist!

How did you first get into music?

• I didn’t really listen to music until I was about 12. When I started to download a lot of songs, I discovered a world of music didn’t know existed. I started listening to artists like the Chemical Brothers, and lots of dance music from 90s. I was instantly intrigued at how they made it. I only really started making music at 16.

What are some influences apart from electronic music?

• When I was 13 I started having drum lessons. That led my interests to rock, then my musical taste got heavier and heavier, I was listening to bands like Metallica. Then my taste moved into hip hop a little bit in teenage years, I explored many genres.

When did you want to make electronic music?  

• It was never really a decision, it just happened. In my early 20s, my music had guitar and live drums. I guess I just realized I was better at making electronic music.

What does the P stand for in Doctor P? 

• When I was a teenager, my nickname was Picto because my name always autocorrected to Picto. That was my first DJ name then I changed it to Doctor P. Dubstep always had jokey names, and I wanted a name that wasn’t a joke, and sounded more hip hop.

What music did you grow up listening to?

• I mostly listened to the radio, Top 40s. Later influences came from music I listened to as a teen like drum and bass, hip hop and metal.

Where in England did you grow up?

• About an hour from London in Northampton. I also lived a couple years in Birmingham.

What song are you most proud of?

• “Tetris”. It took the smallest amount of effort to make. I actually threw it together as a joke. I made it to play once, in the middle of a set I played. It’s one of my most popular songs, yet the song I put the least effort into. Even the song artwork was a joke.

What makes you different from other dubstep artists?

• I try not to be part of the dubstep scene. Everyone does one thing and then changes to another. I just do my own thing. I don’t try to play up to it, I just make the music I like the most.

Biggest inspirations?

• Knife party. They are so creative. I listen to their tracks and ask myself “how?!”?

How has dubstep changed over time?

• The quality keeps going up and up. In the beginning it was easier to sound good but now the bar is higher and people have had years of practice. A lot more work is needed to make your music stand out. Before anything sounded unique, but now every kind of style has been done a lot of times.

Whats your favorite plug in/ software to use?

• I use Cubase. For plug ins, I try to mix it up. I used to always use Massive for everything, and sort of got set in my ways. Now I like to try new things.

Do you use sausage fattener?

• Ehh not really. Ok maybe once or twice. Can’t really tell what it does though.

Do you prefer producing from scratch or remixing?

• Remixing is a lot easier and quicker, since about 50% is done already.

How do you choose a song to remix?

• People usually email songs asking, and it’s a yes or no. If I listen to it and can envision where it can go it will accept. If I think I can’t make it better I usually won’t do it.

What artists influenced your career?

• Primarily Knife Party and their act Pendulum. They are the main guys I follow in my career. But everything I listen to has influenced me in some way. I would say Drum and Bass has had a large impact on my style.

Favorite artist to collab with?

• Flux Pavillion. He’s really good at making music. He’ll have an idea and can usually make it sound amazing, we have done 3 tracks together. We actually talked about starting a new project together as a pair but haven’t had the time yet…maybe next year.

Dream festival to play at?

• Glastonbury in UK. It’s the biggest festival in England and one of the top in the world. It is THE british festival. I’ve already played a lot of the American ones.

What is a Malaysian Safari?

• No idea…..going out to see some lady boys?



——Check out more of his awesome music on his soundcloud page below!——


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