Who Is Marshmello? Download All His Tracks for Free and Learn About This Mysterious Breakout Artist

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Everyone loves a mystery artist. Just check out @marshmellomusic on twitter and you’ll see the stirrup this artist has caused in the electronic music sphere. Marshmello appeared practically overnight on social media, immediatley gaining thousands of followers and soundcloud reposts from prominemt producers. His debut track, “WaVeZ”, garnered almost 150,000 plays in only two weeks. With support from jauz, heroes x villains, branchez, herobust, dotcom, lookas, boombox cartel, and the Mad Decent Label, Marshmello has set himself on the course to success in a short amount of time as a public artist.

marshmello: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Who is marshmello? I’ve looked into reddit threads, blogs, social media, yet there’s only really anough information to make assumptions. Here’s what I found:

1. marshmello is likely a side project, or at least a well-respected producer

Whoever marshmello is, he is a good producer. Most of the time, great producers don’t just rise out of the dust – surely the person or people behind marshmello have been producing for years and have been building a repitoire of tracks

2. Mad Decent is probably behind marshmello’s overnight success

Marshmello is listed on the Mad Decent Boat Party lineup and has direct support from the likes of many Mad Decent signees. If an artist were to work directly with Mad Decent to plan out a marketing campaign alongside well-established artists, it’s reasonable to account for the instant success marshmello has achieved.

3. Jauz, Diplo, and Skidope are some of the most popular artists believed to be marshmello

According to FPIA (Fake Producers Intelligence Agency) on Twitter, they suspect marshmello could be Jauz, Diplo, Skidope, or a combination of the three.

4. Watch out for the #mellogang

marshmello has been using the hashtag ‘mellogang’ so I’m excited to see where this goes. Obviously this artist has great social media tactics and #mellogang is a part of it all. What is all comes down to is: either marshmello is a marketing genius with great connections and incredible producing skills, or a side project of an already established producer.


What matters in the end is that marshmello’s music is fantastic and free. Surely we will see a bright future for marshmello, and I’m excited to watch his career evolve through 2015. Listen to marshmello’s recent tracks, all of which you can download for free:

Check out some of our favorite tweets from @marshmellomusic:

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