Spor Drops Album ‘Caligo’ for Free, Talks Feed Me and His Label in Reddit AMA

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Jon Gooch is the millennium man of electronic music.

It’s not even funny how much of a genius Gooch seems to be. For him to juggle multiple music personas is one thing, but to be a philosopher, found a label, and design a live, interactive light show is another story. Jon is straightforward about his feelings towards music. He is honest with his fans and has yet to leave them dissapointed. ‘Dissapointed’ is how fans of Gooch’s previous project, “Spor”, would have been if he never brought Spor back. But he did, and in the greatest way possible.

“My debut album Caligo is out NOW and you can pay for it or not pay for it here: http://smarturl.it/caligo-bittorrent

Says Jon over his facebook page. This is how albums are released by honest, artists who are true to themselves and their fans. Spor’s following is either going to torrent Caligo or pay for it. So why not do both in the same place? Hosted directly on the bittorrent website are all the parts of Spor’s music fans could ask for. Not only can you find the link to the torrent file here, but you can also stream every song on the album for free. Included is a “pay what you want” option, offering premium files to Jon’s truest, “wealthiest” fans. Here’s the link again: http://smarturl.it/caligo-bittorrent

Spor: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

In conjunction with the album release, Jon also did a Reddit AMA where he answered all of his fan’s questions, resulting in a more intimate look into the mind of Jon Gooch.  This AMA is great – it ranges from very serious questions about Spor, Feed Me, and Sotto Voce, to ones such as “Do you ever use the phrase “GOOCH IS IN YA COOCH” when having sex ?”. Be sure to check out the AMA here if you’re interested in hearing more about Jon’s album, future projects, and personal questions.


I’ve given the album a listen through and it absolutely lives up to the drum & bass hype, especially for a genre that sits in the underground world. The album has flow to it – it begins with what sounds like Gooch’s voice laid over an introductory track labeled, “Your Murmuring Chasms” I feel like Jon has gotten over the idea of a ‘genre’ as something limiting and instead has changed his point of view on the matter.

“D&B has been around a long time. I’m somewhat split – I see merit and nostalgia in the cultural aspect it represents to me, but in terms of writing music, when it comes to myself, it’s just a tempo and a mindset to live in while I work. I can’t speak for it or my peers. The genre is just a tag that follows individuals; if multiple people do different interesting work within certain confines, then I guess that benefits the ‘genre’. – Jon Gooch, Reddit AMA

Once I got past the track “Empire” I was honestly getting a tad bit tired with the age-old drum & bass growls over fast paced beats. Then I was hit with the track, “Like Clockwork” and almost fell out of my seat. This track sounds like some of the older Feed Me I fell in love with – the kind of song I could get lost in, the kind that drew me into electronic music to begin with.

Spor is a trick.

After “Like Clockwork” is a wonderful string of beautiful music. “Strange Heart” and “As I Need You” are probably two of the most chilling tracks I’ve heard in quite some time. I’m listening to “As I need You” as I write this sentence, and I can feel shivers creeping up and down my spine as Tasha Baxter’s vocals echo over a a ghostly bass and synth line. At this point I stopped seeing Feed Me and Spor as different artists. Spor is a trick, and it’s amazing I was convinced Jon’s personality was actually split between two ideas. Spor is a medium through which Jon is giving his fans what they want and the music he wants to make, not just “drum & bass”.

I think Jon Gooch might be exhibiting more talent in this album than he has in any previous bit of work. I still believe that Calamari Tuesday is one of my favorite masterpieces, yet, it doesn’t have quite the flow that Caligo does. Gooch really has a grip on sound design and production. His work with the stereo field is incredible. The amount of instruments and sounds he is capable of incorporating into each song astounds me – as I and hundreds of other bedroom producers grind in our basements churning out shitty trap music, Spor is putting out beautiful, complex masterpieces like it’s nothing.

And he pours his heart into it. A week or so before the album release Jon posted this over the Spor Facebook page:

What a character. It’s hard to be called a genius when you work in an industry filled with fools who become famous overnight. I can’t even imagine what’s in store for the next Feed Me album. Something incredible, no doubt. From the start, Feed Me has been one of my favorite artists, and surely one of the most life-changing influences for me, at least musically. The last song on the album is playing as I finish writing this piece. We get to the thirteenth track called, “The Hole Where Your House Was”, another great piece of drum and bass work which really captures the essence of Spor’s new style. A fitting end for the insane musical journey that is Caligo. I’ll have this album on repeat for the next month.

Until next time, Jon.

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