Sam Gellaitry’s ‘Short Stories EP’ Redefines the Way We Listen to Electronic Music

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Every so often some artist comes along and changes the way things work. In electronic music, this can happen a lot – one artist can invent or redefine a style and inspire hundreds more to create music based on that style. To me, Sam Gellaitry is one of those people. A year ago, Mr. Carmack was the artist everyone was astounded by, and while he still manages to impress everyone with his new tracks, other producers have managed to catch up and imitate his sound. Soulection wants to showcase “the sound of tomorrow” and through Gellaitry I would say they are succeeding in bringing something incredibly fresh to the front page. This EP is officially Sam Gellaitry’s first – before then he has only uploaded bits and pieces of music to his soundcloud. For an artist so young (18 years old) this is beyond impressive. I feel excited to see what Sam does in the next few years, and so should you and everybody else.

Listen to the EP on Soundcloud or purchase it here.

Sam Gellaitry – Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

The latest member of our family, 18 year old Scottish producer and composer Sam Gellaitry takes you on a journey through uptempo house, deep bass vibes, hip hop and soul in his first official EP release, ‘Short Stories’ – redefining the way we traditionally listen to “electronic music.” – Soulection

Soulection is using “electronic music” loosely here – at this point in time it seems almost pointless to generalize music based on names. In a time when everything needs some form of production – audio engineering, mixing, mastering, every recorded song usually goes through some sort “electronic” process. All that producers such as Gellaitry are doing is choosing sounds, which could be sampled from recordings, specifically recorded instruments, or synthesized notes, and arranging them in such a way so that listeners are astounded at what they hear.


I personally love the first track, ‘temple’, which I feel has a very natural flow to it. It evolves – moreso than a lot of tracks you hear today. As the song goes on, more interesting elements are added, and Sam really utilizes the BPM, allowing him to switch between the more hip-hop, trap elements and the danceable, faster paced beats. I also really enjoy the track “to earth and back” – it’s extremely beautiful and has a certain vibe to it which is inspiring and makes me want to name my child Sam Gellaitry.

Listen to “to earth and back”:

As Sam progresses as an artist and as a person, I will be watching closely. An artist’s career can change dramatically on a monthly basis – will Sam stay low key, releasing songs sporadically on soundcloud while staying underground? Will he be the next big thing, launching a headlining tour? What kind of set will Sam Gellaitry play at a festival? As we go on, it will be interesting to see how his unique style is copied, imitated, and used. Perhaps Sam can start a movement that some people are hoping for. Until then, relax and listen to Short Stories.

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