‘9999 in 1’ is The Mord Fustang Album You’ve Been Waiting For

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I’ve always liked Mord Fustang’s production style – it’s something consistent and great-sounding that I can rely on to stay the same as everything else changes. Fustang likes to stick to what he knows, loud, clean synths, short vocal chops, punchy percussion with those great snares. I would expect someone who knows of Mord Fustang to claim all his music sounds the same. It’s a fact that an artist can do whatever he wants with his music, and it’s unfair to expect someone to want to change. You can just click through every song on the album in three minutes and say it’s all the same, or you can listen to it through and enjoy a unique experience.

Stream the full album here or buy it on itunes.:

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9999 in 1 is supposed to sound like you are inside a video game.” – Mord Fustang

9999 in 1 does just this. It creates an atmosphere which is consistent throughout every song and makes you feel something. I’m going to use the word ‘atmosphere’ again because it’s a great way to describe this album. I feel like some of the songs, even the more repetitive house tracks, let the listener space out and not consciously feel every note of the music, but instead gaze out a window or draw.

“Milky Way (Pt. 2)” might be my favorite off the album. It’s pretty far off from the original version – which makes it a decent candidate for a ‘part 2’ song. I like this song because it’s loud and fun – it’s also definitely the most different song from the rest of the album. I really like the crazy arpeggiations which come in around the 1:30 part – for the remainder of the track it drives the song.

I also really like “Press Start”. I think, if you’re listening to the album straight through, that this is really the first song that catches your ear. Fustang’s complextro style really stands out in this song, then the bleeping video game noises come in and make me feel happy.

What’s next for Mord Fustang? In a recent interview he mentioned launching a new tour. I would definitely be one of the first people in line for a Mustang-headlined tour. Seeing as he has never had his own tour before, I would love to see what he can do visually (I imagine a lot of 8 bit and video game themed lighting). Until then, stay tuned for more.

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