When in Rome, Do as the Ravers Do- Counterpoint Music Festival 2015

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It’s every raver’s favorite time of year- festival season is now in full swing! Counterpoint Music Festival kicked off my summer as I road tripped down to Rome, GA to catch some of my favorite producers including, Dillon Francis, GRiZ, Knife Party, Excision, Zedd and so many more talented musicians.  Held in the rolling hills of Kingston Downs, Counterpoint Music Festival was by far one of the most memorable weekends I have ever experienced.

Day one began caravaning into the campgrounds, rolling in 18 cars deep. This is what we call a rave family- a family so large, you don’t even know everyone’s names.  Every raver has one and if you aren’t a part of one, it’s incredibly easy to be adopted into one.  The crowds at electronic music festivals consist of some of the most loving and high-spirited people you will ever encounter, making attending festivals solo just as enjoyable as going with your squad.

After passing through security with our overly packed cars, full of festival essentials, we pulled into the general meet-up area to wait for the rest of our crew.  While it was only noon and the show didn’t start for another few hours, the party began as we all hopped out of our cars, broke open the coolers, and began dropping the bass.  The energy was already high and we hadn’t even set up camp.  Once everyone in our caravan regrouped, we continued to the campgrounds where we were given a 15 x 35 ft plot to set up.  Within the hour, tents were popping up and tapestries were blowing in the wind.


As we entered the venue for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the numerous activities going on inside; there were art installations, various vendors, a light-up Ferris wheel, and the diverse crowd of festival goers showing off their hooping skills.  Counterpoint attracted two types of music fans: jam bands and EDM listeners.  These two distinct groups usually don’t associate with each other, but that’s what makes this festival so special.  The stages separated the types of crowds, yet we were all brought together in the heart of venue to admire art or hangout by the hammocks.


Besides the atmosphere the festival had to offer, the real reason I was so attracted to Counterpoint was the incredible lineup.  Day one included top artists such as Tauk, Zomboy, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Knife Party, and Excision. Day one was just a preview of the perfect lineup though; Day two’s lineup was so great, I didn’t even need to leave the Steeple Stage.  On Day two, top producers such as Jauz, GRiZ, What So Not, RL Grime, and Dillon Francis had the crowd practically fainting of complete exhaustion from raging too hard.  The third day of the festival is when we all found true perfection. Kygo brought everyone to the beach for his set as he played tropical house complimenting the sunset over Kingston Down’s hills.  Zedd destroyed the crowd with lasers and true colors, as he dropped new songs off his latest album.  Finally, Zeds Dead closed off the festival and fireworks lit up the sky, as the moon was glowing from behind.


The party didn’t end after the final set of course.  Silent Disco kept the crowds dancing until 5 am every night.  Not only was the venue awake late at night, but the campground didn’t seem to sleep either.  Mini DJ parties were scattered throughout the campgrounds; no matter where you walked, music was playing and people were dancing.

Many people complain about the price tags on music festivals such as Counterpoint, but when you experience a weekend so memorable, it’s worth every penny.  You won’t meet people with loving vibes and such accepting personalities just anywhere in the world, but you will at Counterpoint Music Festival.  The friendships and memories you make from music festivals are forever and I highly suggest attending next year.


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