Lotus with Moon Hooch at the House of Blues [With Photo Set!]

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Lotus 1/30/15

This past weekend the people of Boston were blessed with a visit from one of my personal favorites, Lotus, at the House of Blues Boston with special guests Moon Hooch! While I may be a tad biased because I am originally from Philly, which is where this band was born and bred, I can assure you that these men have earned every bit of success that they have through their true talent and love for the music. A perfect mixture of instrumental post-rock and electronic dance music makes for a unique sound that makes you want to dance until your legs fall off!

Opening up for Lotus was a group that I’ll admit I had never heard of before this tour, Moon Hooch, and the second I saw them walk on stage I knew that the crowd and I were in for a treat. Moon Hooch is comprised of a drummer and two sax players who met during their time at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City. Because of their extremely unique sound I took to their website for a sound description, where even they could only describe their sound as “house music, but more primitive and jagged and raw.” Each musician carries their own unique style and skill-sets that makes this one of those bands that you just need to listen to once and you will fall in love. (I personally have a weakness for brass and horns so you know I fell in love almost immediately.) It was so much fun watching these guys dance around the stage, always tuned into each other in order to create the most incredible sounds. If you haven’t heard of Moon Hooch, I highly suggest going to their Bandcamp and listening to some tunes.

Moon Hooch opening for Lotus!

Moon Hooch opening for Lotus!

Following Moon Hooch was the moment I have been waiting for since the last time I saw Lotus at Jam On the River, a single-day summer festival that they headlined in Philadelphia Memorial Day weekend. As Lotus took the stage and I took to the photo pit, I couldn’t contain my excitement as I started to dance around with the dedicated souls standing front row on the railing. They opened up the first half of their set with Kodiak off their 2013 album “Build” and the crowd immediately came alive. Everything was seamless, flawless, perfect, incredible… whichever adjective best makes you understand just show good these guys are! Their musicianship never ceases to amaze me. Their music commands an audience like no other, and that’s saying a lot considering that they don’t have vocals to mask any mistakes or support their sound.

My favorite part of the night had to be when the two sax players, Mike and Wenzl, from Moon Hooch came out onto the stage to accompany Lotus in playing the live debut of Basin to Benin. It’s always exciting getting to experience a never-before-played song at a concert and boy, was it good! One of my favorite bands plus my favorite instrument? I’m craving more just thinking about it.

If you’re curious to listen or were at the show and am craving more like I am, click here! You can listen to and download the entire set from the show. See below for the entire set list and photos from the show as well! If you haven’t made it to a stop on The Gilded Age Tour yet and there’s a stop near you, make sure you get your tickets and go because this definitely isn’t a tour you want to miss!

Set List:

Set 1: Kodiak, Bubonic Tonic > Harps, Caywood, Bellwether > Ghosts N Stuff > Bellwether, Gilded Age

Set 2: Age of Inexperience, Basin to Benin, Suitcases > Dowrn, Plant Your Root > Greet the Mind, 128

Encore: Once in a Lifetime

  • Basin to Benin first time played, with Mike and Wenzl from Moon Hooch
  • Moon Hooch opening for Lotus!
  • Moon Hooch opening for Lotus!
  • Jake from Boston’s own Wobblesauce hanging out at the merch booth!
  • Moon Hooch rocking out on stage with Lotus

Lotus: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Moon Hooch: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp


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