KAOS Discusses New EP “Theory” in Exclusive Malaysian Safari Interview

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Flux Pavilion’s Protege, KAOS, Releases Theory EP!


KAOS is on the rise in the electronic music industry and Malaysian Safari had the great opportunity to ask him a few questions about his production style and the release of his new EP, Theory.  If you haven’t already heard Theory EP, listen now!

Theory EP is available on Circus Records: http://bit.ly/KaosTheoryEP

Continue reading for exclusive interview!

What is your full name and age?
Rohan Chauhan, 23


Where are you from/currently based out of?
I’m from India, Dehra Dun


How long have you been producing for?
About 5-6 years


What inspired your artist name?
I grew up listening to a lot of different genres of music, from metal and rock to Bollywood, pop and disco.  My sound is a fusion of all these genres and soundscapes in my head; I like to think of it as a controlled chaos, hence the name ‘KAOS’.


What inspires you to create music?
It’s like what David Bowie said, “I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human. I felt very puny as a human. I thought, ‘Fuck that. I want to be a superhuman.” That’s exactly how I feel about it. Plus it’s fun, I get to spend all my time doing something I love, which is writing songs and I get loads of free stuff, which is all pretty sick.


How did you come to sign with Circus Records? 
My record got passed on to the front man of this amazing band I’ve been into for ages called Gentleman’s Dub Club. He loved it and thought it would be perfect for Circus Records, he passed it on and luckily, they felt the same way he did!


How do you feel about the release of Theory EP?
I’m super stoked, I’ve been waiting to share it with everyone for a while. The fact that it’s been released on Circus Records make’s it that much more amazing as producers like Flux Pavilion and Doctor P were the ones who inspired me to make music in the first place. To have their support and stamp of approval really does feel incredible.


What is your favorite track from Theory EP?



Please describe the production process of this song (Bitchcraft) from start to finish.
I wanted to try and make something around 120 bpm but not with house beat. I was also playing around with these vocal samples the same week. I had just bought the Korg M1 plugin and wanted to try out the 80’s inspired sounds it had. I then used all of those ideas to come up with the Bicthcraft.


What are some of your favourite producing tools and plugins?
I use a lot of vintage synths emulations like Arturia V Collection. Diva by U-he,  Kontakt.


What sub-genres or artists do you see blowing up in the next year?
 That future house sound, Oliver Heldens and such. Also tropical house and electronic hip-hop/beats music.


Who are some artists or producers you would like to collaborate with and why? Any future plans?
Noisia obviously, I’ve always looked up to them. I would be dream to work with them on anything. Nero, Flux Pavilion cause they inspired me to make bass music. Sam Gellaitry and Lido are few of the new producers I’d love to work with.


Which artists (from any genre) have influenced your music the most?
Timbaland, TNGHT, Joe Hahn(Linkin Park)


Do you have any advice you wish to tell beginner producers?
Make as much music as possible, the more you make the more you learn and make mistakes. Sometimes it just takes time to find your own sound. Once you’ve got it run with it.


Do you have any hobbies or passions other than music? What might you be doing if you weren’t a producer?
I’m an avid gamer and used to write code. If it weren’t music I’d probably be designing games or software right now.


How do you try to stand out as an artist? 
I try my best to make music that is unique and personal to myself, most of all I make what I feel like making and I don’t let myself be constrained by genre. As I said before I drawn influences from a variety of very different types of music and I try to fuse them together in a way that’s distinctive to my sound.


What is a Malaysian Safari?
A wild ride through a landscape of musical animals


KAOS: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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