Our Exclusive Interview with Adventure Club at Tuxedo Junction

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Last week, my fellow writer Matthew Davidson and I had the chance to interview Adventure Club before their set on Monday 12/29 at Tuxedo Junction in Danbury, CT. We learn a lot about the dubstep-duo from new tracks coming out to Leighton’s Magic the Gathering obsession.

So what are your names?

Christian: My name’s Christian.

Leighton: What’s up, I’m Leighton, and we are Adventure Club.

First question right off the bat – What is a Malaysian Safari?

C: Jesus Christ, I have no idea. Am I supposed to know this?

L: I don’t think I’ve seen a single animal in Malaysia.

You’ve been to Malaysia?

L: Yeah but I didn’t see any wildlife… maybe some kind of bird or… some kind of four legged creature.

Where are you guys currently from?

C: Montreal, born and raised.

Are you guys based out there?

L: Yeah, everything is in Montreal, our studio, everything.

How long have you guys lived there?

C: He’s been there forever; I’ve been there since I was like 10.

So I heard you guys started as a hardcore rock band?

C: Yeah, I don’t what we started as, it was probably just a garbage garage band.

Wikipedia describes it as like pop-punk

L: Yeah, that’s what we kinda got into when we were in a band

That’s pretty cool. And from that you guys kind of transitioned into EDM?

L: We released like two Adventure Club songs when we were still producing pop-punk music

Who have you guys been most inspired by generally?

C: I’m a big Glass Drop fan, but as far as the EDM scene goes, we’re both really heavily influenced by Skrillex, and I’m into Flume.

Do you guys have any tracks coming out in the near future?

C: Yeah, our next single is coming out at the end of January with DallasK

Have you guys collabed with anybody and are you looking to collab with any artist in the future?

L: The only real collab we produced so far was with Krewella, we released it like two years ago, its called Rise & Fall. In the future we have some plans with names we can’t really mention.

Do you guys have any other hobbies besides music?

L: I’m a huge magic the gathering fan, actually.

So you guys are based in Montreal, but where do you tour most?

L: Florida, probably. Colorado and Florida.

C: All over the U.S. really, mostly like Florida and Colorado as he said.

Where do you think is your biggest fan base?

L: Probably the same states, including a couple other ones.

C: Like Denver, Texas, Florida, New York, California

L: All over the place, every single one of them.

C: Mexico too, Like El Paso.

Both Leighton and Christian were great company to hang out with, and after the interview they played a killer set. Check out some pictures and videos from their live set here:



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