Electric Family Becomes a Well Respected Company For The Community

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Electric Family, founded in 2012 by Matt Donkers, Drew Nilon and Steve Brudzewski, has supported numerous artists and foundations through their 17 artist bracelets. A few causes are Krewella supporting dance for paralysis, Adventure Club supporting a cure for cancer, and Dash Berlin supporting the Giri Asih Foundation. Each artist bracelet has raised thousands of dollars in support of their cause. “Adventure Club was our first bracelet” stated Donkers, “and over time we have sold so many Adventure Club bracelets alone raising over $25,000.”

Most recently, Electric Family teamed up with Krewella at their third “Do Good” event in Los Angeles, California this past January; their first being with Adventure Club at a food bank in Los Angeles. Krewella and Electric Family painted murals at the Frida Kahlo High School and met fans who volunteered to give back. In a recent interview, Dronkers stated, “Its just the core of our company is to do good and we think the highest form of doing good is to do good through action.” Fans from near and far traveled to this event in hopes to do good for their community and give back. Electric Family is more than a fashion line. It is a company that cares about their community and wants to give back any way they can. Drew Nilon stated, “It’s the little things that snowball. Maybe we change someone’s point of view and that person ends up treating others nicer day to day.”


(Krewella – Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf – posing in  picture at their “Do Good” Event)

Electric Family cares about their community and fan base and does everything possible to show this through their website, interacting with fans, and being able to give back with their loyalty clothing collection. Co-founding members of Electric Family wanted to give their fans a special opportunity by releasing one custom clothing piece a month to their most loyal fans. These items have sold out with in minutes of launch and the success rate is booming. There clothing also includes jackets, t-shirts, and hats, which fans can purchase and wear for everyday purposes and at music festivals. This shows just how much support electric family receives from their fans and how well the company is doing in the electronic dance community.

Here is a video of Drew Nilon describing Electric Family and its purpose:

With the amount of support Electric Family has received over the past 3 years and growing into a well respected company in the dance music industry, there is no doubt that it will grow even further and make a greater difference for the community.


For their awesome clothing line and artists bracelets Follow this link:


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ElectricFam

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