Above and Beyond Mesmerizes Audience During Boston Tour

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This past Thursday, Above and Beyond stopped in Boston for their “We Are All We Need” tour at the House of Blues. The venue became more and more packed as fans eagerly filed onto the floor to await the duo (Paavo and Tony) appear on stage. Above and Beyond usually tour in pairs, and Jono had opted to sit this concert out. When the lights started to flash and the beloved trance gurus appeared on stage, the atmosphere immediately filled with beautiful vibes as long time fans shouted in excitement and raised their hands in the air. As their signature ethereal vocals started to flow from the speakers, a strong wave of emotion seemed to overcome the audience, long time fans and trance virgins alike.


As the entrancing “Blue Sky Action” rang through the room, people swayed back and forth and waved their hands in anticipation for the popular and satisfying drop of the song. Check out this amazing song from their “We Are All We Need” album below:

Many people assume trance concerts are more relaxed, or involve less bass than other concerts but this is simply not true. The slower progression to the drop allows the music to build up the enthusiasm and emotion in people, before the drop is released and people collectively erupt into fist pumping and jumping to their beloved tunes.  When the harder beat of “Sticky Fingers” blasted through the speakers, the crowd started shouting their approval and proceeded to sing along to another incredibly emotional and personal song.


Emotions once again shot up as the recognizable “All over the world” started to stream through the speakers and enthrall all listeners. The happiness and pure joy in the room was absolutely present and felt incredibly special as everyone was united in their adoration for the beloved artists. The visuals were perfectly on point to represent the theme of unity, ranging from flight itineraries to aquarium like scenes with flocks of fish.  Paavo spent most of the time dealing with the mixing, while Tony continually hyped up the crowd by fist pumping to the songs, or even walking along the stage to high five and greet his fans. At one point, he threw up a heart symbol with his hands, and nearly everyone raised their hands to do the same out of love, recognition and respect.


As the confetti erupted into the air during their final tune, time seemed to freeze as the crowd raised their hands and lookup up in awe and ecstasy. I think it’s safe to say that everyone who attended this concert will forever cherish the memory of this dazzling night spent with the kings of trance themselves and the best of vibes. As perfectly described by the last quote on the screen, “Life is made of small moments like this”.



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