Welcome to Dada Land: Exclusive Live Review and Photos

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Welcome to Dada Land. Here, there are no rules, except the Rules of Dada. In this alternate universe, you eat your cookies with a smile and kick out the epic motherfucker. Bananas and champagne reign supreme – there is no such thing as too much Dada.

Dada Life’s live show consists of a large display screen, in front of which are enormous inflatable banannas and lights. Every surface is covered with banana bunches, many of which are thrown into the crowd during the performance. Dada plays a relatively predictable set – big room and mainstream house with Dada Life originals thrown in every few songs. Seeing the group live turned me onto a few recently released Dada Life songs. One of my new favorites is “This Machine Kills Ravers”, which consists of a dramatic build into an interesting drop

Listen to “This Machine Kills Ravers” on Soundcloud:

As a long time Dada Life fan, I was a tad disappointed in the performance. First off, only one member of Dada Life was there – apparently the other had a medical emergency and cannot make it to a string of shows. Second, Dada Life has become extremely mainstream. With enormous lyric videos being displayed behind the performance, times I felt like the concert was, at times, more of a sing-along than a captivating performance. I would have preferred to see them two or three years ago when they were playing mostly heavy electro house rather than the pop-sounding music they’ve gotten into recently. A few of the older songs they have that I was disappointed not to hear were “White Noise/Red Meat”, “Unleash the F**king Dada”, and (the newer) Boing Clash Boom.

Some classic Dada:

Despite all of that, I came out of the show loving Dada Life more than I ever have. The stage antics, the inspirational speeches about smiles, the excessive number of bananas – all these aspects play into the concept Dada Life strives so hard to build. Dada draws the most hyped up fans – the ones who wear banana suits and “Born to Rage” beanies – and surely will continue to play energetic shows across the country.

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