Watch and Listen as Ta-ku Pairs Beats with Photography in “Create + Explore”

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Ta-ku recently uploaded a three song playlist to his soundcloud account entitled, Create + Explore. I looked into the name and association a bit further and discovered that Create + Explore not only consists of beautiful pieces of music, but it also is a blend of video and photography specifically shot for each song. The website describes Create + Explore as:

“Create + Explore is a conversation between mediums from visual to auditory, providing an intersectional platform for beat-makers and photographers to create and explore the power of artistic collaboration. Each project is created through a process of pairing a beatmaker and a photographer. The beatmaker creates original music and sends it off to the photographer as an impetus and inspiration to generating a pictorial exploration. This process links two of our most indelible sensory experiences through a photographic interpretation of original music.”

You can watch all three songs lined up with their respective video and photography footage at It’s amazing that, for the sake of art and experimentation, “beatmakers” are hooking up with photographers with the specific purpose of matching this niche type of music with the visual mood it creates. So far, the project has put out three songs, each a collaboration between two artists. The first is by ESTA x Michael Salisbury and is a laid back trak with glowing sounds and pitched vocals. The second track, featuring Insightful x Fursty, starts off as a very minimalist song, eventually spreading its wings and adding in vocals, pads, and additional precussion. The third and most recent song is produced by Andrea x With One Eye Shut. This beat attains a similar vibe to the previous two – Ta-Ku clearly had an influence on these artists’ sounds.

Here are the three tracks available for stream. Be sure to follow Create & Explore as well as Ta-ku on Soundcloud for similar music.

001 – ESTA x Michael Salisbury

002 – Insightful x Fursty

03 – Andrea x With One Eye Shut

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