Review: Feed Me’s Psychadelic Journey Tour

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When Feed Me announced a new tour featuring his stage, TEETH, it was a big deal. In the past two years, Jon Gooch a.k.a. Feed Me, has renounced DJing, created a record label, released a studio album, rebuilt his stage, and embarked on a national tour. Any producer, musician, or person who can do through all of these transformations is surely a man of talent. His newest EP, Feed Me’s Psychadelic Journey, is not only a wonderful bit of music filled with metallic synths, gritty basslines, and polyrhythmic elements, it is also a delve into the journey Jon has taken as Feed Me.

My latest EP was written over the course of my time off from touring. It consists of four tracks, representing in chronological and stylistic order; consideration, recuperation, awakening and transcendence.

Patience is my frustration at having to stop, and a reflection on the past,
Time For Myself is a reconnection with my energy and humour.
Alarm Clock is a stride into new territory and a reminder of why I love what I do, and Without Gravity is being comfortable in my skin again.

It’s interesting that an EDM artist would create a concept-like album through which he expresses his feelings. Where bass music often lacks character in this way, Feed Me shows us how he can bring personality and meaning to his music.

I got the chance to see Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey in Boston, MA, and I was very impressed with the music, the stage, and the opening acts. First on was Tjani, one of the artists signed on Feed Me’s label, Sotto Voce. Tjani brought a ton of new sounds and vibes to the show with a mix of jersey club and relaxed trap. I enjoyed Tjani’s dreadlocks and smile – he seemed to enjoy playing for everyone. Next was Delta Heavy who played a banging set mixing dubstep, trap, and electro house. Delta’s set was very clean and he liked to mash up songs, several of which worked very well. Overall, the openers brought very energetic and relevant sets – it’s fantastic that Feed Me is able to bring such quality artists along with him on the tour.

Feed Me started off the show with a bit of a change – he sang a distant melodic tune then transitioned into Orion (in my opinion the most obvious Feed Me opener). The set started out slow – he played some of his 128 BPM stuff, but then it progressively built into an insane mixture of lights and music. In a world where a DJ or producer can play any song he wants, it’s unique to see artists who play only their own music. People like deadmau5 and Feed Me stand out from other producers because they play almost exclusively their own music.  This allows these artists to craft a completely unique experience when they perform. People like Skrillex and Diplo have become more like DJs and less like producers, using a standard deck setup and playing a huge variety of music rather than their own.

Listen to Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey on Soundcloud:

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