Rain Man Resigning from Krewella! Read Full Lawsuit.

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As many EDM listeners are aware, the Chicago based group, Krewella,  is the most influential EDM group that has been set to the stage; their hit single “Alive” broke their stardom back in 2012. Since then, their career has set off and has given them appearances at well known music festivals such as TomorrowLand, Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra Music Festival.

According to numerous news reports, Kris Trindl, also known as Rain Man in the group, has been kicked out of the trio group and  therefore sued both former girlfriend Jahan Yousef and younger sister Yasmin, for supposedly being “too sober.” Below is the statement and complaint from Trindl’s lawyer. Trindl, back in 2013, had a drinking problem and checked himself in to rehab, and since then been sober.

Although the sisters have yet to state their side regarding Trindl’s accusations, he has had and admitted to relapsing twice since checking out of rehab, thus missing one major event for the group this year, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, which was their biggest audience to perform in front of to date.

Trindl has produced most if not all the music that Krewella has performed in live audiences and on their albums “Play Hard” and “Get Wet.” As many might have noticed, he does not appear to be with them during live events.

I personally have seen Krewella four different times, and Trindl was present only once. Jahan and Yasmin are still able to hold down the ropes and astound the crowd, but fans still ask, “Why isn’t Rain Man here?” In a previous interview, the Yousaf sisters stated, “He is back in Los Angeles producing music for our new project(s).” Although this is most likely true, listeners of the group do not know the real reason.

“This is not the end” for the group or this dispute, so stay updated with the story on Malaysian Safari.

View Trindl’s Lawsuit below:


A word from both Yasmin and Jahan from their Facebook account at about 5:57 PM (PST)

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 5.57.00 PM

This is the first statement from the Yousef sisters regarding todays news of Trindl being “kicked out.” As stated in their post, they did not kick him out of Krewella rather he resigned. Although there is two sides to every story, one can only ask, “Who’s side is true?” Even though they are in the studio making their second album, will Trindl resigning delay the production of this album since he is the one who made the beats? We can only wait, again, to hear the real story from all three. Fans will have their opinions and the news will spread like wildfire, but we will have to stay tuned til then. Lets hope they will settle this easily for us fans.

What do you think is happening and do you agree with ‘Rain Man’ for resigning from the group?

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