Pier of Fear Live Review – Adventure Club & Top Headliners Put on a Show to Remember

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This year’s Pier of Fear featured arguably one of the best lineups out there for Halloween night. Adventure Club joined forces with a powerful team including DJ Craze, Cazzette, Tchami, DJ Snake, Borgeous, Milo & Otis, and Knife Party. The crowd was off the hook and with the size of this lineup, the party went on for 9 straight hours, ending at 4:30 am! Check out the official lineup to get a taste of what was experienced by (if I could guess), thousands of people.

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Due to some halloween parade traffic, myself and my honorary Malaysian Safari members arrived in the middle of Tommy Trash’s set and the dance floor was packed. If you have been to Pier 94 before you know how huge the venue is and how far the travel is to get from the back of the crowd to the front. My friends and took on the challenge and made it into the deep depths of the crowd.

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The costumes were crazy, to say the least, ranging from rasta bananas, to gory zombies, to exotic fairies. Traveling through the crowd felt like an adventure as all creatures from heaven and hell flashed before my eyes, and Tommy Trash’s adrenaline pumping show-down set the mood for the rest of the night. Next up: DJ Snake. His brilliant style of remixed EDM and hip-hop had the crowd jamming past midnight. And then the act we were all waiting for: Adventure Club.



Somehow Adventure Club has mastered the art of combining clips of grimy dubstep with entrancing vocals and their blending of the two is simply genius. They did it again last night for a 1 hour and 15 minute set, and being in the crowd during this time was like a dream. The talented duo seemed to place a spell over the entire crowd for the time of their set, uniting everyone through the love of edm music. It is moments like these that I value most at such huge events – when you feel like everyone, no matter how big the crowd, is all suddenly on the same page, all together for the same reason.


Knife Party took on the stage next. Just as we thought we couldn’t be more satisfied, the two cranked up the level of intensity far past what I could have predicted. At this point the whole feeling of the venue changed and the energy of the crowd turned up past 100%. Every Mickey Mouse, devil, bunny, frankenstein or what have you, broke out their craziest dance moves all at once, and the warehouse that is Pier 94 must have been vibrating audibly from the outside. When they whipped out that classic song to get a crowd going “Internet Friends,” you could feel the power of every attendees’ energy as we all chanted along: “You blocked me on Facebook, and now you’re going to die.” After this drop it felt as if every person present released all energy left inside onto the dance floor. To say the least, Knife Party following Adventure club was a brilliant, sensory enhancing decision for this lineup order.

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After this point Borgeous came out to close up the night. While most of the crowd began emptying out my buddies and I stayed and got a chance to be even closer to the stage. It was about 4:30 am by the time his set wrapped up but he managed to keep energy levels impressively high considering some had been dancing for several hours!


I thought I was lucky to be attending a halloween concert with just the original lineup and after the artists from BOO! were added as well, no one can deny this list of performers created one of the most powerful live shows in just one single night. As last night was also my first time seeing Adventure Club live, I still feel inspired from watching some of my favorite songs I only previously listened to on my headphones. Hearing some of my favorites such as Gold Feat. Yuna and Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) in a live setting was truly amazing. So, for all of you who attended Pier of Fear, it was a pleasure uniting with you, and to those of you who didn’t, keep on the lookout for tickets next year as this event is held annually.

Malaysian Safari Creatures at Pier of Fear


Adventure Club: Facebook | SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Other Artists’ SoundClouds: DJ Craze | Milo & Otis | Tchami | Knife Party | Borgeous | DJ Snake | Tommy Trash | Cazzette

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