Meet Daffy the Dog – The Star of Autolaser’s Daffys Adventuretrip EP

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Meet Daffy: the inspiration behind Autolaser’s new EP, Daffy’s Adventuretrip. He is a 100% certified good dog and is prominently featured in Autolaser’s instagram. Sometimes an artist’s music isn’t about what it sounds like or how many views it gets on soundcloud, sometimes it’s about the dog behind the tunes.

I like Autolaser because of his cutesy, cartoonish music. Not only are his songs fun, they’re also progressive in the sense that the music is something refreshing. Take his most remix of Keys N’ Krates’s song “Yes We Are Faded”. This record is a creative, fresh spin on the original. Autolaser also has a very recognizable and distinct style which allows him to stand out from other artists. His new EP, out two weeks ago, features beautiful, blaring synths, vocal chops, and arpeggiating chiptunes. Clean and well mixed and mastered, this release is high quality and will surely bring Autolaser a ton of attention in the near future. Be sure to check out Daffys Adventuretrip for Autolaser’s exciting sound.

Stream the full EP here:

Autolaser: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

I’m going to be honest right now: I’m in love with Daffy. I’m now going to share some of my favorite pictures of Daffy:

Daffy is a dog. An amazing dog who, according to Autolazer, ghost produces all of his tracks:

Daffy can hover.


Daffy is cuddle-friendly:


Daffy can drive (look closely):


Daffy loves pizza:


Daffy is beautiful:


Looking for more Daffy? Be sure to check out Autolaser on social media because he uploads A LOT of daffy photos. Cheers and have a happy new year!

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