Listen to Every Rebirth by Dillon Francis

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Dillon is well-known for rebirthing his songs – a “rebirth” consists of Dillon remixing one of his own tracks. In the past Dillon Francis has rebirthed his songs “Without You”, “Bootleg Fireworks”, and “Masta Blasta”, all successfully flipping the original song around is a creative way. We’re going to go through every rebirth Dillon Francis has produced so far, including his most recent rebirth of “Get Low”, which was leaked a few days ago.

Masta Blasta (The Rebirth)

This is one of the first Dillon Francis songs I heard as well as one of the first songs that got me into trap. This rebirth comes with a ridiculous music video featuring a blunt-smoking midget, Dillon peeing on a wall, and levels, of course.

Bootleg Fireworks (The Rebirth)

This is by far my favorite rebirth. Everyone has that one song which, when they hear it live, they completely lose their heads – for me, this is that song. The way Francis uses the synth from the original song in addition to glitch and trap elements is amazing.

Without You (The Rebirth)

Of all the rebirths, this version of “Without You” is the most normal. I personally prefer the unaltered song, but this 128 BPM take on the original retains the song’s magic with soaring synth stabs and sidechained chords.

Get Low (The Rebirth In Paris)

Get Low (The Rebirth) is Dillon’s most recent remix. The song was leaked 9/14 does not appear on the tracklist for his new album. When he played at Mad Decent Block Party Brooklyn, Dillon opened with this rebirth. I like how this mix is more bouncy and faster than the original – it surely stands at the same quality we’ve come to expect from Dillon’s rebirths.

So that’s every rebirth from your man D Francis a.k.a. Dad a.k.a. Tiesto. Be sure to grab tickets to his new tour and album Money Sucks, Friends Rule.

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  1. j September 21, 2014 / 3:23 am

    that’s not every rebirth….

    • admin September 21, 2014 / 10:58 pm

      what is it missing?

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