Is ZHU Skrillex? Watch ZHU “Reveal His Identity” At Stereosonic Brisbane

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Zhu’s identity has been entirely secret – his twitter and facebook pages are nonexistentt. This photo, posted seven days ago to instagram by MONSTERCAT, was posted to reddit by the user TeeKayTank (which I assume is Austrailian producer DJ teekay). The post was titled “getting faded with zhu and skrillex”.

“Thank you very much! I hope you enjoyed the ZHU projects!” – (Skrillex during the ZHU set)

Watch the video here:

Furthermore, check out this tweet response from Skrillex right after the video for “Faded” came out. Coincidence?

The future of ZHU, if ZHU is in fact Skrillex


Clearly the voice in the video is Sonny. If this is true, Skrillex is an incredible troll. If it’s not, ZHU is an incredible troll. Based on the reddit post it’s ALSO possible that Zhu is DJ teekay, but just for fun, let’s assume ZHU is actually Skrillex. What does this mean? In my opinion, it shows how godly Skrillex is as a producer, troll, and trend-spotter. Skrillex has always been a magnificent spotter of new genres – for instance dubstep, trap, and now, deep house.

Will we see more releases from Zhu? Probably. If he isn’t Skrillex, I would assume he would continue releasing music like a normal producer. If he in fact is the dubstep legend, would Skrillex continue to release music as ZHU?

Digging “deeper”

Upon further investivation, I stumbled across this reddit thread, where someone suggests Zhu is Porter Robinson. While I disagree on that idea, one of the commenters posted this:

Ok, SO. Zhu is an asian guy named Steven Zhu that went to USC and has graduated as of now and is definitely not Porter Robinson. If you do some searching you’ll be able to find some old stuff by him. He had a project called 52 to Zhu started in the summer of 2011 that lasted until the summer of 2012 where he released a song a week for the entire year. He remixed the likes of Avicii’s Bromance, Justice’s We are your friends, Disclosure’s Latch etc. Prior to releasing the Nightday EP or any track from the “new zhu” he deleted all of his music off of his soundcloud, youtube, lasfm, pinterest and every other form of social media he was on. So the new act isnt so new but his sound has definitely evolved to a new level.

This is a persuasive argument, and the fact that actually redirects to the zhu official website.

Even further, listen to this mysterious interview with ZHU on Triple J:

Clearly this person’s voice isn’t Sonny. However, around the four minute mark, he refers to ZHU as “we”. Skrillex is no newbie to viral marketing – we saw the release of his most recent Recess through a space invaders-like app.

Digging one more deeper

As suggested by Do Androids Dance, a simple ASCAP search reveals a “ZHU STEPHEN S” as the writer. Clearly there is no “Sonny Moore” listed as the writer.


Well that could have solved the mystery, but do we REALLY want to believe ZHU is simply some normal asian producer or dubstep wunderkind Skrillex? Perhaps we will never know. Until then, we can only guess as to what person or group of people is Zhu.

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2 Responses

  1. amy December 8, 2014 / 8:34 pm

    I’m sorry but what’s wrong with him being a “normal asian producer”? I mean he’s not exactly normal, he’s a great artist, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with him being actually asian…

    • admin December 9, 2014 / 2:23 pm

      sarcasm, sorry! Zhu (or whoever) is fantastic.

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