Dubstep Legends Shine at Safe In Sound Festival

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It’s not too often that you see something like the Safe in Sound Festival. Malaysain Safari got the chance to cover the show in Philadelphia at Festival Pier. More than 5000 showed up to the show which featured a 150,000 watt pk soundsystem. The lineup was unreal – Flux Pavilion, Zeds Dead, Adventure Club, and Excision have all been players in the dubstep game since it began. Since 2010, all four of these artists have evolved their sound as well as expanded into new genres and side projects. In addition to the big names was Terravita and UZ, both relatively established producers.

We arrived at Festival Pier in time to catch almost all of Terravita’s set. Terravita performed with a rapper/mc who would spit rhymes as a song built up, which was a bit annoying at times, but worked well with certain songs. The artist mostly dropped heavy dubstep and trap, which is what I would expect from Terravita. Listen to Terravita on Soundcloud.


Next was UZ, a mysterious trap artist who is famous for wearing a mask when he performs live. Apparently not too many people get the chance to see UZ’s true identity which allows fans to focus on the music rather than the person behind it. UZ dropped a ton of trap, including songs like “Core” by RL Grime in addition to a ton of his own music and banger trap songs. UZ’s DJ setup consists of a laptop running some kind of software controlled by what looks like two vinyls, adding an extra element to his live performance. Be sure to check out UZ on Soundcloud – he has a ton of free downloads.

I’ve seen Adventure Club before, but I was slightly disappointed with their performance at Safe in Sound. The duo played a confusing mix of lovestep and trap without smooth transitions between the two conflicting genres. In addition, Adventure club neglected to play a lot of their own songs – something which many fans were complaining about. Not that their set wasn’t fun (I was on my feet the whole time), it was just inconsistent and lacked substance compared to the other artists. Still, I’ve been an Adventure Club fan for awhile and it’s always nice seeing the two go nuts on stage. Listen to Adventure Club on Soundcloud.

Of all the sets I saw that night, I would say Flux Pavilion had the best. While every artist performs in their own way, he showed off the most talent as a DJ compared to everyone else. As Flux came onstage he said, “Who wants to listen to some loud dance music?” During his set the crowd experienced the future of electronic music – Flux Pavilion has an amazing ability to blend various tempos and genres in a new and exciting way. As the co-founder of Circus Records, Flux is possibly the most well-established and most cultured DJ that played at the festival. His set was extremely fun and kept the crowd guessing the entire time. Listen to Flux Pavilion on Soundcloud.


Excision was the next artist to play at Safe in Sound. I have never been disappointed with an Excision set and I was not let down this time either. Excision has to be one of the heaviest performers out there – the amount of moshing and raging in the crowd was unbelievable. Live, the agressive dubstep master drops VIPs, remixes, and his own private collection of heavy bass music. The crowd was constantly throwing up Xs (I even saw an injured person make an X with his crutches) and raising their fists. Check out Excision on Soundcloud for all the latest heavy music.

Closing out the festival was Zeds Dead. Combined with the stage’s insane visuals, Zeds Dead was a fantastic choice to end the night. One memorable moment was when Zeds Dead played a remix of “Bound 2” by Kanye West while rapidly displaying frames from Kanye’s music video. The best thing about Zeds Dead is the variety of genres they produce and perform live. Their set included some deep house, jersey club-style, and of course, dubstep. Zeds Dead surely had the entire crowd captivated from start to finish. It’s worth checking out Zeds Dead’s latest EP, Somewhere EleseListen to Zeds Dead on Soundcloud.


If there’s a Safe in Sound show coming near you, don’t miss it for anything else. Call in sick to work, ditch your friends, whatever it takes, the lineup and experience Safe in Sound will put on is worth every bit of hassle you might have to go through. I would confidently say that the production and artists involved in this festival beats the Mad Decent Block Party tour or really any other single-day festivals.

Here are the remaining tour dates for Safe in Sound:

Oct 02 Tallahassee, FL
Oct 03 Orlando, FL
Oct 04 Pompano Beach, FL
Oct 08 Tri-Cities, WA
Oct 09 Spokane, WA
Oct 10 Saint Paul, MN
Oct 11 Calgary, AB
Oct 12 Penticton, BC
Oct 14 Boise, ID
Oct 16 Los Angeles, CA
Oct 17 Reno, NV
Oct 18 Los Angeles, CA
Oct 20 Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 22 Phoenix, AZ
Oct 23 Las Vegas
Oct 24 San Jose, CA
Oct 25 Seattle, WA

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