Deadmau5 2015 Tour Details? We Wish.

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Well, Deadmau5 has done it again. His fans are practically jumping out of their seats for this 2015 tour yet he teases us, in his calm in cool ways, with two short videos, just barley releasing enough information to keep us anticipating (just the tip). All we know is that the name of the tour is Entropy. The black and white color choice, the pulsing vibrations as the letters of e-n-t-r-o-p-y come to life on screen, and robotic essence of the video design is surely at least slightly alluding to the attention to detail, precision, and expertise that can be expected for Deadmau5’s 2015 tour.

The first video is captioned: ? and the second: ??, and if you notice, the videos were also published under the Comedy category. Thanks for all the information Deadmau5! But really, we don’t mean to be rude, we are just so damn excited! In other news, Deadmau5 did actually allude to something called the “Box” in his famous coffee run video with Skrillex and Dillon (by the way if you haven’t seen this and are a true fan you will dedicate 1.5 hours to watching the three buddies make small talk here). Now I’m not saying I know anything factual here, but the Box is a work in progress by The Creators Project and their concept is to say the least, mind-blowing. I would not be surprised if Deadmau5 has been collaborating with them to use this concept in his upcoming tour.

Again, I posses no solid proof that this techonology will be used in the tour, but don’t you want it as bad as I? Imagine the possibility if hundreds of these were moving and warping around an interactive venue! And Arthur C. Clarke sums up this masterpiece perfectly at the conclusion of the video, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Deadmau5 Columbiahalle, Berlin 15.06.2011

Oh, and one more thing. Deadmau5 is doing a free tour in NYC on November 11th. Tickets will go “on sale” at an unknown date, and are first come first serve, because they are free! Keep and eye out here for the rsvp list, which is currently full but may open up again in a couple days for more of you eager beavers. Also sign up to win an all inclusive Deadmau5 experience for two including tickets, hotel rooms, airfare, and more here.




Robots and panels and mice, oh my!

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Check out The Creators Project YouTube for more innovations.

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