Rooftops Horizon: A French Independent Label

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We are a independent electronic music label.
Paris based, drawing its inspiration between space and time, this label is focusing on producing, sharing the music it loves and mainly to promote some hidden talented artists.

Loads of amazing electronic music originates in France – just look at the huge involvement French artists have had in the past in taking dance music to the next level. To date, France’s influence has not faltered; independent labels like Rooftops Horizon are a great outlet both for its artists and listeners. People signed to the label get to put their music out and fans of the label have a centralized place to discover new music. I think the role of labels, not as a business, but as a culture, is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s world. Labels which encourage artist collaboration, spend time properly promoting their artists, and actually care about music instead of profit can really make a difference.

Here’s one of their most recent releases by an artist Khamsin called MIDNIGHT ZENITH:

Khamsin is only one of many quality artists that releases music through Rooftops Horizon. Another artist I really enjoy is called StéLouse. His most recent song with Rooftops Horizon is called BABIES IN BARS and is available for a free download via soundcloud.

Listen to BABIES IN BARS by StéLouse:

Another quality about Rooftops Horizon that I enjoy is how they make music available for free on their soundcloud. Four months ago the label created a compilation of five songs called COMPILATION VOL. 1. Every song is available for a free download. This method of releasing music helps increase artists’ popularity while making it easy for anyone to access good music. Hopefully we see more quality releases from Rooftops Horizon in the future, until then we’ll keep you tuned into that future sound.

Listen to COMPILATION VOL. 1 and get the entire compilation for free here:

Be sure to check out Rooftops Horizon’s website at Also hit them up on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube to stay updated.

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