Dillon Francis 2.0: Listen to All of DIllon’s Alternate Song Versions

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First we showed you every rebirth by Dillon Francis – now we’re going to hit you with every alternate version of Dillon’s music he re-produced. Since Beautician 2.0 Dillon Francis has made it a thing to create second (and even third) versions of his own songs. Unlike a “rebirth”, an alternate version is usually a more subtle variation. Keep reading to listen to every alternate version Dillon has produced, side-by-side with the original.

Beautician 2.0

This is the first 2.0 Dillon Francis has put out – this version is essentially a moombahton rework of the original. This version is actually one of the most different 2.0, taking the original song and drastically changing the feel of the track.


This is the versions I’ve seen Dillon play live almost every time – read this quote from soundcloud:

“heres my VIP version of IDGAFOS… i hope you guys enjoy it.. i made it cause i wanted to have a version to open with that had no drums just a very nice melodic beginning with a better build i think i achieved that…i also didnt change the drop cause there was no better drop i could think of..maybe in time i will make a 3.0 but i doubt it haha love you all” – Dillon

Flight 4555 (IDGAFOS 3.0)

As seen in the previous quote, Francis promised a 3.0. This version is simply IDGAFOS but at 30 bpm.

On tour in Denmark Dillon shot a video of himself on an airport floor and put it to the song:

Masta Blasta 2.0

This is the most recent alternate version. Dillon released this re-master of the original song as a free download on soundcloud to celebrate the release of his new album. The kick pattern was changed to 4 x 4 and a lot of the synths and bass are beefed up.

That’s every 2.0 and 3.0 by Dillon Francis, hope you enjoyed! Be sure to catch D Francis’ upcoming album Money Sucks, Friends Rule.

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