10 Unmissable Artists at Snowglobe This Year

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Let’s face it, for a festival of it’s size Snowglobe raked in one of the best lineups to close out 2014. After stepping their game up even harder from last year, we thought it might be useful to compile our top 10 acts that you’ll shoot yourself in the foot for missing.

10. Woolymammoth

Clocking in at a mere 18 years of age, the San Francisco native has got a damn good handle on trap music. With releases under Pantheon and now Mad Decent this young star is rearing to blow the fuck up in 2015, and you’d be stupid to not kick off the festival with him in the Sierra Tent on Monday the 29th. Peep his promo mix for an idea of his style.

Woolymammoth: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

9. G Jones

Currently wrapping up the Mind Machine Tour with Minnesota and Jackal, this future bass artist has something fresh to bring to the table. Welcoming all subwoofer enthusiasts, the Santa Cruz based producer spins mostly his own beats which combine heavy trap elements with glitchy chip tune sounds. G Jones has an ear for the melodic side of edm, and his set will have both ear-candyish harmonies and sub shattering drops. Catch him right after Woolymammoth in the Sierra Tent.

G Jones: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

8. Justin Martin

We all like deep house yeah? Justin Martin loves deep house. His unique blend of insanely catchy melodies with delicious wubz and deep bass lines will have you dancing your worries away like there’s no tomorrow. While airing slightly on the funky side of the spectrum, his tracks feature some advanced percussion with an almost future sound. Catch him closing out Day 2 in the Igloo Tent.

Justin Martin: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

7. Odesza

After an incredibly successful year with the release of their second full length album as well as multiple remixes, the duo that brought you ‘Say My Name ft. Zyra’ (and the wave of majestic remixes that followed) has landed their rightful place in Snowglobe history. Odesza’s music totally embodies the vibe of the festival, fusing transcendent, euphoric music with electronic/indie dance. Their entire discography is worth listening to and you’ll be shooting yourself in both feet if you miss out on the last performance in the Sierra Tent on Day 2.

Odesza: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

6. Djemba Djemba

Team Surpreme’s superstar is set to takeover in 2014, and his Snowglobe set will be a nice taste of what this mastermind is capable of. This skinny white dude is straight up on another level of good. Djemba squared is behind some of the most clever trap songs in existence, including but not limited to his OG remix of Fall Over, both edits of Green Gardens, his Core bootleg, and the hard hitting ‘Macking In the Car’ beat. If you’re looking for Carmack-like heaters, don’t you fucking dare miss Djemba Djemba in the Sierra Tent at 4:45 on Day 2.

Djemba Djemba: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

5. Overwerk

If you haven’t seen the GoPro Hero 3 Daybreak commercial which skyrocketed this electro house producer into the relevance, nows your chance to live like a Red Bull sponsored superstar for five minutes. Overwerks debut album, ‘The N’th Degree’ is beyond legendary, and ever since then he’s been tearing up synth house like no other. Rooted in epic melodies and gritty synthesizers, this guy has dramatically raised the bar for electro and his early Sierra Tent on Day 2 set will be undeniably epic.

Overwerk: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

4. Trippy Turtle

This mysterious marine creature has been blowing up the Jersey Club genre for the past year and god damn is he killing it. Lido’s secretive side project single handedly revived the Baltimore Club beat, giving careful attention to musicality and originality and wholeheartedly creating his own subgenre. Trippy’s water droplet samples, vocal hooks, and banging club tracks hold a promising future for electronic music that other artists are already jumping on, and his mix in the Sierra Tent on New Year’s Eve at 7:45 will no doubt go down in the books.

Trippy Turtle: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

3. Skrillex

Who? Skillrex? Despite the amount of flack he got after releasing Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, this extremely well rounded musician fucking knows electronic music. Sonny Moore is not only a pioneer of our era, but an incomparably talented producer who crushes the boundaries of genres as we define them. Ever since he teamed up with the puppeteer of popular dance music (random white dude of course!), the OSWLA founder has been reaching farther and farther for the dopest, most innovative tracks he can showcase. While I’m sure he will give us a taste of his fucking impressive discography, who knows what this young man has to bring to the table for an epic festival such as this one.

Skrillex: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

2. What So Not

I know you weren’t going to miss them for the world, but let me reassure you why you might have to ditch Atmosphere halfway through their performance to see the most popular supergroup of our time. Consisting of the panty-soaking, eternally relished Flume and his insightful and lovable Australian counterpart Emoh Instead, What So Not blew up in 2014 for producing fresh, organic trap music that appeals to a far wider audience than the more generic subtypes. Sampling natural sounds and orchestrating them in an incomparable fashion, this dynamic duo is both the life of the party and the calm before the storm. With nothing but good vibes, these two will close out the Sierra Tent for the entire festival just before Flume’s New Years set and you’d be embarrassed to not be a part of it.

What So Not: Facebook Twitter | Soundcloud

1. Porter Robinson

If you didn’t get a chance to experience Porter’s Worlds Tour in full effect, Snowglobe is likely the last opportunity you’ll be able to see the magic. The young artist spent the better part of two years dreaming and designing a live performance that visually embodies the escapist theme of his bold album, which produces a wide spectrum of feels. Robinson had a deep understanding of music that extends far beyond the boundaries of genres, and this show is the epitome of his connection to his inner self and the society around him. I’ve been attending electronic music shows for the better part of 5 years now, and the World’s Tour was by far the most cutting-edge, prestigious, and transcendent show I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a part of. If you’re looking for next-level visuals and a roller coaster ride of artistic expression, cut Odesza’s set a little short to make way for music history at the main stage on Day 2.

Porter Robinson: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

I know a lot of huge names aren’t present on this list, such as Flux Pavilion, Disclosure, Zedd, Atmosphere, Branchez, Snakehips, Flume, etc etc… But the intent of this was to showcase a handful of artists that you might have missed out on, and maybe even turn you on to some fresh talent. Let us know who you are most excited to see and have a magical experience at what’s fixing to be the best Snowglobe yet!

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