The Glitch Mob Live is An Experience You Shouldn’t Miss

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What does a listener expect when attending a live show? According to a lot of people, the standard for live performances in EDM and bass music has been falling. Fans are willing to watch a DJ play a basic set (sometimes not even entirely of his own music) with a backdrop screen and be completely content with the experience. Personally, I don’t take well to these basic music performances. When I see someone live, I expect a level of originality, engagement, and surprises – both in the visuals and the audio.

The Glitch Mob truly cares about the experience they create. The entire musical process they follow, from the studio to the stage, is dedicated to bringing their thoughts and feelings to fans across the world. The Glitch Mob has always been dedicated to a unique performance, and this show was no exception. These artists essentially surround themselves in performance tools made up from iPads, MIDI controllers, and huge drums. When they play live, the music feels real. Listeners are able to see what the group is doing on stage and feel the music. Not only that, but the audio/visual quality of the performance was outstanding. The Glitch Mob brought their own set of subwoofers to the show to add the extra bass, and boy did this work. I would say this show was one of the loudest I’ve seen in awhile – an impressive feat when compared to artists like Excision who attempt to be as loud as possible.

To get an idea of what The Glitch Mob is doing live, watch this video where they explain some of the equipment they use:

I was reading an interview (you can check it out here) about how The Glitch Mob mixes and masters their work. Instead of sending their tunes off to a mastering engineer or company, they meticulously mix and master every song themselves. Using a load of software plugins and a huge amount of time, the trio caters every mix to their own liking. The Glitch Mob’s philosophy on mastering their new album was to create songs that would sound good both to a casual listener on headphones as well as a large speaker environment such as a festival.

Love Death Immortality is The Glitch Mob’s most recent album. Stream it here:

Purchase Love Death Immortality:


The Glitch Mob – Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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